“Bride Of The Water God” isn’t do so well these days.

The highly anticipated tvN drama had premiered last month and started out with good ratings of 4%.

Throughout the weeks the drama ratings continued to decrease, less and less people tuned in to see the drama.

Monday’s episode (the 11th episode) scored the lowest kdrama rating to date, it scored 2.7% which was around 0.8% lower than its previous episode last week.

The drama has failed to capture both national and international fans hearts. tvN tried so hard to promote the drama as the next “Goblin” but when the first episode aired the drama disappointed everybody.

Many people weren’t too fond of Nam Joo Hyuk’s performance in the drama; the drama didn’t capture the essence of the manhwa of the same title.

The drama continues to linger around the 3%, and for it 12th episode scored about 1% higher, the 12th episode rated 3.7% due to its previous episode cliff-hanger.

So many things went wrong with “Bride Of The Water God” and tomorrow I’ll be releasing an article talking about why people aren’t tuning to see the drama.

Keep an eye on the blog to hear out my opinion regarding why “Bride Of The Water God” became one of the most disappoint kdramas of 2017.

Share your opinion with us, what do you think went wrong? Why isn’t “Bride Of The Water God” doing well?