Looks like “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” was knocked out of its title as the most watched JTBC drama in a relatively shorter time than expected.

“Woman of Dignity” took over the record set by “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” as the most watched drama on JTBC.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 16th episode of the drama scored 9.986% which is a staggering 2.588% higher than its previous episode.

With this feat, “Woman of Dignity” becomes the most watched JTBC drama of all time breaking the record set by the famous rom-com Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”.

Despite the fact that the drama didn’t have the strongest start, its ratings began to rise at a surprising high rate, many people then started speculating that the drama would break Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s record.

There are four episodes left and many are wondering if this drama will break through the 10% mark before it ends.

Have you been keeping up with “Woman of Dignity”? Do you think it deserves the high ratings?

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