Does BTS’s V have a favorite?

BTS’s upcoming Mnet special “BTS Countdown” is set to air its first episode tonight.

Ahead of its release, Mnet released a teaser video of the highly anticipated show. On the second part of the teaser, Jungkook puts V on the spot for hanging out with his other friends more than BTS, he asks him to choose between him and his other good friend Park Bo Gum.

V ends up picking Jungkook over Park Bo Gum and sends the audience into a frenzy. When later asked if he’d pick J-hope or Jungkook, he selected J-Hope.

Then Jin asked him to pick between their company CEO Bang Shi Hyuk and J-hope, the teaser doesn’t show V’s answer, fans will have to tune in to the first episode tonight find out whom he ended up picking.

Check out the full teaser below.