“Because Its My First Life” picks up the pace with its second episode and ends with an extreme unexpected high note that made me go “Huh!”

“Because Its My First Life” has been fairly disappointing as I have stated in my first episode review. The drama failed to caption the essence of rom-coms.

Its dull lifeless creepy characters don’t really add to the plot and annoys the hell out of me as well.

In the second episode our main character realizes that he will never find another mate that is as tidy, as clean and quiet as Ji Ho. She is a fun person who is very respectful and mindful of those around her.

Se Hee’s character is very annoying and uptight. He is a geek and a nerd but not the kind you’d digest easily. He is also very weird but not in a an interesting way.

I am not against writing annoying or less likeable characters for the main lead roles but try to at least make them interesting enough, so even if they’re outright outrageous or bad or just plain creepy, there is something more to it. There is nothing more to Se Hee’s character which annoys me even more.

The rom-com even featured your classical stereotypical mom visit to his house ‘unnoticed’ (of course) and discovered that Ji Ho lived there.

The mother ‘as usual’ complains about her son’s choice of life, she asks him to get married and cites the most stupid reason there is…

You’d have trouble believing the reason if you haven’t watched the drama already, she said she’d have to get a divorce if she fails to marry off her son…..

Logically speaking, if your mother ever comes up to you and says that, there is a FAR bigger issue that needs to be addressed, why would a husband divorce his wife because their son doesn’t want to get married?

Anyways, Ji ho ended up moving out because she was going to be working on a drama and could sleep in the other studio.

Her script gets picked up by the assistant director she had a crush on for 3 years, she didn’t initially know it would be him, but decided to agree anyway so she can have her official writing debut.

She’ll try to act ‘cool’ and hang in until she debuts with this drama. Sadly, her happiness was cut short when her sunabe writer was scouted to help with the script.

It went downhill from there, the sunbae wanted to erase and do whatever she wanted with the script, she changed up a lot of things. As a writer myself, I found her character quite annoying, when she started changing things up, I was already fuelling.

Luckily, Ji Ho doesn’t put up with it for too long, she stood up for herself and basically pulled out the plug, this was my favorite moment of the entire drama so far.

The man she had a crush on shows up at the studio drunk and emotional agitated, he forces himself onto her and an unpleasant scene and confrontation occurs.

After what could be presumed as sexual harassment and should be immediately reported to police, Ji Ho leaves the studio abruptly in her pajamas and runs down the streets just wandering around.

Regarding the groping scene in the episode, I was a bit shocked about how she handled it… I mean she’s hurt and all but she doesn’t even bother call someone she knows, her father, her brother, her mother… anyone…

It was a painful altercation and her crush tried to force himself on her… it was uncomfortable and a violation of privacy to say the least.

Somehow, her legs led her back to Se Hee’s apartment even when she practically didn’t live there for long enough; he invites her up for a bear and proposes

[REWIND] YES, you heard that right! He actually said “Will you marry me?”


In the back of my head, I immediately knew that Ji Ho would be the perfect mate for someone of Se Hee’s characteristics. She would be the perfect wife that would put up with the nonsense caused by her husband.

The reasoning behind his proposal however doesn’t hold up well. He’s an independent man who has a clear vision of what his future should be like, as we see, he doesn’t like taking orders and does whatever he pleases.

Just because his mom asked him to get married doesn’t mean that he should just go up to some random girl and ask her to marry him, that isn’t even one of his characteristics.

As a character he seems to be very predictable and calculative, suddenly all that makes up his character is ditched in one moment for the sake of his mother.

In the middle of the second episode, he clearly says that he doesn’t want to EVER get married. How can someone change their mind so drastically throughout the course of a couple of days or weeks?

This was one of the biggest problems I had with the second episode!

However, I am slightly looking forward to see how Se Hee’s character changes and open up to love in the upcoming episodes. I am also intrigued to see what kind of progress Ji Ho will make on her way to become a well-established writer.

But overall, the vibe Min Ki gives isn’t comforting, its more suitable for a horror or thriller related genre, which was the original set of the kdrama I wanted to see him make his grand return with to the small screen.

Its such a waste of time and money for him to play this mildly interesting character. Jung So Min is, again, playing a similar character to the one she played in “Playful Kiss,” she’s slightly more outspoken, but in many areas it still feels like Oh Ha Ni.

I wished that Jung So Min would challenge herself with this drama and for a change play a different character.

We haven’t seen enough of either the other couples because the writer was too busy setting up the pace for the main two leads. For now I have no comments on them.

However, I must speak up about Apink’s Bomi character. She is an idol and I honestly didn’t have high expectations of her, I am pleasantly surprised, she is not half bad.

I also like the fierce friend of Ji Ho, Soo Ji played by Esom, an actress I’ve never paid attention to, turns out she does more movies than kdramas. She is by far the most interesting female character in this entire drama.

I also have to give props to the assistant director Yong Seok, he is a good actor and pulled out a great performance in each scene he played.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this drama; I bet most kdrama fans who have stumbled upon many great rom-coms in the past would have trouble keeping their eyes open to this particular drama.

I don’t think that (again) I would be reviewing this drama. I don’t even think I’d watch more than 4 episodes.

It takes me 4 to 6 episodes to form a clear idea of how good a kdrama is. So far, nothing is really pulling me back in, I am intrigued to see how will the main characters change with love, but its not like I would be itching for next week’s episode to air to find out what happened.

One last comment, which most of you haven’t even paid attention to (nor care enough).

I am having trouble with the narration in this particular rom-com!

In this drama as well as many other rom-coms, we stumble upon the same pace, the same characters and there is almost always some form of narration (voice-over).

I am not against it, but I don’t really feel like its necessary here. She says “I wish I had known…./I wanted to hold on to something .. anything back then”

I was like ‘bruh!’

This is so stereotypical, seriously guys! Its overly used, why isn’t the writer even trying? There is no use of narration here, its not a big of a deal, this is a rom-com, using narration here doesn’t really add to the plot.

Her or him voice in the drama as certain scenes play is very similar to that of “Temperature Of Love.” Really disappointing!

But, of course you reading this, may disagree, what did you think of the premiere? Was this new rom-com up your ally?