2017 has had its share of good and bad dramas, and just like any year, some dramas were promoted to be the next big thing but ended up being a total disappointment.

The following Korean dramas have failed to capture my attention or spike my curiosity, this is merely a personal opinion video, some of you might agree and some might disagree.

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Today, I (jazmine) will be talking about 2017 most disappointing worst kdramas.

Man to Man

Probably this year’s most disappointing kdrama.

“Man to Man” was one of the year’s most advertised Korean dramas. It had a stellar cast, a stellar production team behind it.

The drama was written by the screenwriter Kim Won-Suk, who has previously worked on the hit unforgettable 2016 drama Descendants of the Sun. This is why many fans including me were excited not only about the cast but about the people who worked behind it.

“Man to Man” told the story of an undercover agent who works for South Korea Kim Sul Woo (Park Hae Jin), and popular actor Yeo Woon Gwang (Park Sung Woong).

Kim Sul Woo goes undercover to work as the bodyguard of Yeo Woon Gwang who specializes in portraying villains, he has a purpose for becoming his bodyguard, he ends up forming great friendship with the actor and finds love as well.

The idea is just like every other Hollywood movie we’ve seen in the early 2000s, the plot was my major concern, it was disappointing, lacklustre, and very repetitive at times.

It felt like I had seen the drama in a movie format before, such plots work better with movies rather than dramas, there is only so much you can tell without falling back into stereotypes.

There is nothing wrong with each actor, they all portrayed their characters very well, the problem was with how the majority of them were written.

Park Hae Jin plays the uninteresting role of a secret agent, he’s like the Korean version of James Bond, he’s hot, clever and good at martial arts, sadly there isn’t anything remotely special about his character.

A lot of Kdrama fans were disappointed with the main female character choice. Kim Min Jung plays the role of Cha Do Ha, the assistant of the popular actor, who ends up falling in love with the secret agent.

A lot of fans hated her hair style and her acting, to be honest with you, I thought she portrayed the character well, but her romance with the main lead was my main problem.

In my opinion, the two didn’t feel like they were in love, I thought she had better chemistry with actor Park Sung Woong. Park Hae Jin plays a cold character and it sort of took a toll on their romance and chemistry, in a lot of scenes it felt like it was forced and difficult to believe.

A lot of fans couldn’t board the chemistry train between those two together, what could’ve been an important aspect that pushes the drama forward ended up hindering it further.

The drama cinematography is just breath-taking, the drama was shot so beautifully and it was obvious a lot of money was spent on it. Some of the drama scenes were filmed in Budapest, Hungary.

Each scene was shot beautifully and felt like it was straight out of an action movie, the problem is that its plot was not interesting enough.

Towards the 8th episode, I had to opt out, the drama was no longer interesting to me, I felt like I was watching the drama like it was my duty because I am a huge fan of Park Hae Jin.


According to Nielsen Korea, this drama was 2017 worst rated drama and the 3rd lowest rated Korean public channel drama of all time.

What went wrong with “Manhole”?

Kim Jaejoong’s comeback anticipated drama was the talk of the town until it premiered, a lot of people and fans were disappointed.

The drama starts off with a slow pace and pisses off many people, it pissed off me. Some thought the drama was written well while others thought that it was lacking.

“Manhole” tells the story of Bong Pil (Kim Jae Joong) who has been preparing for his civil servant exam for the past 3 years, but he is not enthusiastic about his studies.

He becomes disappointed that his lifelong friend Soo Jin (Uee) will soon get married. He has loved her in vain for the past 28 years. Bong Pil then falls into a manhole and travels through time. He struggles to prevent Soo Jin’s imminent wedding.

Aside from the drama ridiculous name, the characters were a bit frustrating and difficult to like, I found myself struggling to watch each episode. Kim Jaejoong’s character was very annoying and irresponsible, he was not likeable, not because he was lazy and had accomplished nothing in his life, but it was his whole attitude towards everything around him.

Uee’s character was also difficult to like, through the first couple of episodes, I found that the actors were rather overreacting than acting, a poor attempt to make viewers laugh, it felt comical in a sense.

I don’t know whether the writer was aiming for that or not, but it was disappointing nevertheless.

The drama plot had constantly inconsistent characters, and below average plotlines. The drama struggled with time-traveling theme, many fans including me thought that if the past or present or future was changed so should everything else be.

Even the greatest writers struggle with time-travel dramas and so did the writer behind “Manhole.” The drama resembles another kdrama by Yoo Seung Ho that basically had the same plot. Which made me a bit sceptical about whether I should tune in or not.

The drama could’ve also been cut short if Jaejoong’s character had the balls to just tell the woman he loved how much he loved her, I found that the plot original outline difficult to believe because its unrealistic, no one keeps loving the same person for 28 years straight while none of them do anything about it.

The actors honestly did the best they could with the drama script, its just that it was too disappointing, boring and frustrating at times.

Bride of the water God

My least favorite Nam Joo Hyuk’s performance of all times has to be his role in “Bride of the water God.”

“Bride of the water God” tells the story of romance that takes place between Ha Baek (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Psychiatrist So A (Shin Se Kyung).

When I saw Shin Se Kyung was confirmed for the cast I kinda gave up already.

Its not that she’s a bad actress but its that she just can’t form proper romance with her co-stars, and guess what! That was the case for this as well.

In my opinion, the drama is by far one of the year’s most disappointing kdramas. Its silly pathetic excuse of a plot and horrible CGI, along with horribly written characters made the show one of the year’s worst.

tvN promoted “Bride of The Water God” heavily as the drama that shall surpass Goblin but that didn’t go well.

The drama struggled with ratings and I could only imagine why! I had a difficult time watching the drama.

I was one of the people who were excited about the drama not because of Krystal or Nam Joo Hyuk but because of the writer.

Screenwriter Jung Yoon Jung worked on tvN’s Misaeng. That drama is one of the best Korean dramas of all time, the script is fascinating, Misaeng is a drama I’d recommend everyone I meet, its that good, you don’t even need to be a kdrama fan to enjoy and appreciate it.

Sadly, the main characters are so annoying and difficult to like or understand.

The character played by Shin Se Kyung is so irresponsible and annoying, I doubt she’d survive a day out in this crazy world, the one human main character in the drama is anything but a real human living in this world.

She is messy, irresponsible, forgetful and all over the place not to mention she’s one bad doctor and anyone treated by her will probably kill himself if he hasn’t already tried to do so. (One of them actually did!)

In the drama she screams all the time (due to various situations); she is always put in danger and in constant need to be saved by the hero of this drama. She cries all the time and is extremely rude, sometimes coming off as bipolar (I am not joking).

Shin Se Kyung tries hard and she’s cute but the lord know she is not the one to play this character. She plays a character that is very difficult to like or relate to.

Habaek is annoying, pretentious, cocky and very stupid as well. There is nothing charming about his character, he’s the magnification of every cliché and repetitive lead-male characteristic you’d want to avoid.

How on earth is he a god? And how on earth can he rule the gods one day?

He is supposedly 2800 years old, what I see is a 16-year-old cocky handsome delusional man who was spoiled all his short life. Nothing about his character even remotely indicates his age.

I watched about 9 episodes and I had to give up, it was becoming so hard to watch. The drama lags so many times and nothing big happens, you have to wait until the 10th episode to see some major events taking place. Waiting 8 episodes for that is too much!

The character of Bi Ryum is interesting and fun, he’s different from everyone in this entire drama. Gong Myung pulls off the character beautifully and overshadows Joo Hyuk.

Aside from the bad chemistry, Nam Joo Hyuk appeared to be struggling with the character. He isn’t fit to play the role of a God.

 Sensitive boss

Guess who ruined what could’ve been an interesting drama?

Yours truly, Park Hye Soo.

I rarely see non-idol actresses doing bad in kdramas, Park Hye Soo did appear on “Kpop Star” but she pursued an acting career, wrong move!

A lot of things led into making “Sensitive boss” the laughable drama it became.

It aired in early 2017, and fans were anticipating the drama because it was very different.

“Sensitive boss” tells the story of Eun Hwan Ki (Yeon Woo Jin), he is the CEO of a public relations company, but he is extremely shy. Due to his personality, even his employees do not know him well.

He gets himself in awkward situations, he’s clever and a nice man but very misunderstood, he meets a girl named Chae Ro Woon (Park Hye Soo), the girl believes he’s the man who made her sister kill herself, she ends up falling in love with him.

Yeon Woo Jin puts on an amazing performance, but the total turn-off for me was the performance of Park Hye Soo, she appeared to be too young and inexperienced to be leading a drama.

Aside from her presumably positive character, she was not very easy to like, she was awkward while acting, appeared to be falling under pressure, some scenes she was doing well while in other she appeared to be struggling.

Against actor Yeon Woo Jin she felt lacking, everyone around her knew what to do and how to act while she was ruining the mood for everybody.

If I feel that the director or the production responsible aren’t responsible enough to pick a proper good actress for the lead of a drama, what good can the drama be?

The little girl ruined it, I don’t hate her, in fact I feel sorry for her. Aside from that, the plot was messy at times, slow in the first couple of episodes but picked up through the middle.

The drama also failed to tackle psychological problems the ways fans and me had anticipated. What could’ve went down in history as one very different drama ended up being the shell of what it was supposed to turn out like…

It was kinda sad considering how everyone worked very hard and I assume so did Park Hye Soo, but with her… it just wasn’t enough!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Oh boy! I am going to get a lot of hate for this one!

With all honesty “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is the most overrated Korean drama of 2017, and one of the most overrated Korean dramas of ALL time.

Aside from the amazing chemistry between Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young, the drama plot is just baffling and not in a good way!

The thing that kept the show going for many was not its plot which was hella messy, but the actors playing them. Each character was so adorable and written to please the public and it did.

Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young are amazing together, I love them both individually and I love them even more together. Their chemistry was off the roof and it was clear to me that Park Hyung Sik has feelings for Park Bo Young, like literally.

Having said that, doesn’t make this a perfect drama not in any way or any form. In fact its far from that, far far away!

The only actor that kept the show going for me was the villain and he wasn’t written as well as I had wanted him to be. Considering this was mode-actor Jang Mi Kwan, he was the one who made this drama watchable.

The drama plotline is very cheesy and includes many useless poorly written characters, beginning with the annoying wanna-be CEO/Gangster Baek Tak.

He was a useless character along with his sidekick, written to provoke laughter.

Kim Won Hae does amazing in the drama; but how he suddenly became this gay boss who annoys the shit out of everyone; baffles me to this date.

Many characters felt 2D instead of 3D. the writer relied on giving fans as much as PDA as possible without focusing more on the killer in the drama, it felt like they added the killer just to spice things up so it wouldn’t become even cheesier.

Some scenes are only cringe-worthy and difficult to tune in to. I get it we have an excellent cast but a very stupid plot. The drama clearly didn’t need to be 16 episodes, with Bong Soon strength the villain could’ve been captured in the first couple of episodes easily, but the writer chooses to extend the plot for no apparent reason.

This drama can be fun to watch, you just need to shut your brain while watching and concentrate on the romance because its fun although at times very cheesy.

So this wraps up the list of my personal most disappointing-worst 2017 kdramas. Among the ones I watched I found those 5 to be the most annoying.

Do you guys agree or disagree with me? Which kdrama would you like to add to the list?