Today we are talking the controversial news I heard yesterday, the news of Red velvet cast in her first EVER drama role.

So most of you are wondering “what the hell is going on? And why are so many people so butthurt?” this is not about me as a person because it does not directly affect me, but it does affect the oppas and unnies I care about.

Today you’ll find out why so many people are showing their fangs after red velvet Joy was cast as a lead in the upcoming manga adaptation of “the liar and his lover”.

We shared the news of Joy being cast alongside Lee Hyun Woo, which you can check out specifically here. And people went nuts, and I was one of them.

“Whats the big deal about it?” you’re probably asking! I’ll tell you why, because it so fucking unfair that’s why! that’s why so many people including me, yours truly Nari, hate SM even more after seeing this news.

So basically red velvet’s Joy has never done a drama before in her entire life, she is an idol, a singer in the popular girl group loved by many fanboys, Red velvet.

So now, she is crossing over, but whats so annoying about this crossover you ask? is that the distance she plans on crossing is too damn wide….

No seriously!

Let me explain to you how an actor in the kdrama industry in South Korea can EVER get a leading role.

Anyone who wants to become an actor starts with small roles in dramas, good looks are not the only requirement in the kdrama world but it is quiet essential.

If the director likes you he might recommend you to another one and so on, so basically if you want to become an actor in south Korea, you’ll be spending lots of time training to be one, and auditioning and getting rejected so many times you’ll stop counting.

And you’ll climb up the ladder the normal way. Take Song Joong Ki for example. He is one of the best Korean actors of our times, and one of the most beloved actors.

Guess what? He started out from the bottom. He was an extra on the popular Yoon Eun Hye drama called “My fair Lady”, an EXTRA! Who can believe that Song Joong Ki could have been an extra, someone who no one cares about when they appear on screen!

Song Joong Ki like many of our beloved k-actors, worked harder, he then did a drama called “Will it snow for Christmas” starring one of my favorite kdrama actresses Han Ye Seul, it was a very minor role again, but this time he got the chance to speak/had some lines. “FINALLY”


Then he nailed the jackpot, back in 2010 he starred in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as the “second male lead”, not the first, focus with me this is important for the fight we’re about to have, he was cast as the second lead.


Of course, then Koreans noticed him, he picked a very quirky character and had an amazing bromace with the lovely Yoo Ah In and he overshadowed my dear Yoo Chun, back then it was his big break, but even then when you thought he can nail a first leading role, you’d be wrong, because not just anyone and everyone can just claim the FIRST LEAD role so fast.

*bromance alert *fangirling mood ON*

Then he did Tree with deep roots, and he was NOT even the second male lead, he was the younger version of the FIRST male lead.


Until it was 2012, he got the chance to play the FIRST male lead in one of my favorite kdramas of all time, the innocent man and the rest was history.


Now, how do those past 4 paragraphs help me with proving why so many people are mad Joy got the leading part? Do you get it now?

So all the actors you love and watch today have struggled greatly for so many years before being able to snatch a leading LEADING, role.

Even the great Song Joong Ki, the example I used, suffered before becoming the hallyu star he is today, it was not a one night effort, it was an effort for so many years.

Now the problem with idols of popular companies is that they get those parts basically handed in to them just because they are a part of a popular group, or a company, like SM, JYP or even YG.

They get the part not because they are goodlooking “90% of the time they fucking suck at acting” and because the dear director is sucking up to the SM chefs of some sort.

Don’t raise your eyebrows just yet; believe it or not, this is how things work in South Korea. Now if you have been a fan of kdramas or have been to South Korea, or know well of South Korea, then you already know well or believe what I am saying.

Directors/writers/producers usually kiss up to the chefs of SM or JYP or YG and end up accepting an idol in their dramas, asking for favors in return.

It does not have to be about getting a certain idol, it can be because the one kissing up wants something more of a popular company let’s say, so they cast an idol of their company in exchange for favours, and sometimes they are stupid enough to think that the ratings of their dramas will do well because of the idol, sadly, that usually fails. “take baekhyun and scarlet heart Ryeo for example”

Why so many people were so upset that Joy got the part,?the first female lead? it was because she did nothing. Yes I understand she worked so hard on becoming an idol and singing and trained for so long, but she trained to be a fucking singer you guys, so don’t use that “excuse” with me.

I appreciate the hard work she did when trying to become an idol, I don’t hate her, but right now I am not a fan of her either.

Many people who have no connections, who study so hard to become actors and actresses get their parts stolen by some good-looking idol from a popular entertainment company just like that…

How would you feel about that if you were in those poor struggling actors and actresses shoes?

Joy didn’t even start with a backup role, no, no! She didn’t even do a cameo before, oh no she didn’t! “Believe it or not” and no she also hasn’t made a special appearance in any drama EVER!!!

I checked you guys, she only made one cameo appearance in where she pretended to sing in descendants of the sun, so basically it was like performing, which she normally does.

Nothing! There is nothing on her resume that proves she has showed me her capabilities, nothing! Absolutely nothing, this infuriates me even more.

I know she got the part, not because she can act but because she is a part of SM ent. and a part of Red velvet.

Joy getting the role, when she didn’t even practice to become an actress in a pile of some many amazing young actors and actresses who worked so hard and deserve that role, is an insult to all the hardworkers out there.

This is an outright insult! Someone who has done no acting, no cameos, and no dramas before, suddenly and out of the nowhere gets the lead, the LEAD!

And yes there is a huge difference between being an actor and a singer, Joy is a good singer, or not, I don’t listen to red velvet, but I know she is popular and males love her.

But being an actress is nothing like being an idol and singing, and not everybody and anybody can easily do it. And if it was that easy then all of your favourite idol singers are currently doing really well when acting, which isn’t the case. *gasp in Korean*

Some are good at acting, some are good at singing and very few are good in both.

I mean what bothers me is that even when D.O of Exo wanted to shift into acting he did it so amazingly and without insulting anyone.


How he did it? He got cast in a very difficult minor role in the amazing drama of “its okay, its love”, he had very little screen time, he was with so many veterans in acting in Korea and he proved himself “again” with so little screen time.


I don’t like/hate Exo or listen to them, but I am a huge fan of the actor Kyungsoo, he proved to me so classically and to everyone else that he can act.

He didn’t demand a leading role “like some other SM artists I know” *cough Joy cough*, he took on a difficult little role and proved he can do it.

And even when he was acknowledged for his acting chops, he didn’t demand a leading role after that; he took on other minor roles as well before being cast in his first EVER leading role in a movie which actually did really bad in the box office.

Even EXO, the EXO everyone talks about, D.O didn’t do what Joy is about to do.

Honestly in the kdrama industry I bet Joy is already hated. Directors and screen writers “those who have brains” do not cast idols so often and do not like casting them because many of them can’t do so well when acting “there are exceptions thou”.

And I know you will ask of me to wait and see her act and judge, but as someone who has been watching kdramas for 5 years, and have seen so many idols ruin dramas, I have very little expectations.

You can’t handle the pressure of being the lead of a drama so suddenly. Imagine that someone who is not talkative in your class was asked to deliver a speech on behalf of your entire school to other students from other schools weekly.

Do you expect he’d do well? That student has not spoken in public and is known for not being talkative! Why would you make him handle such a big task? And so suddenly?

This is the case with Joy, she will find it very hard to handle being the female lead, the female lead or leads of any drama anywhere in the world, carry the pressure of the success of the drama on their shoulders, and that’s a big LOAD.

Not everyone can easily coup with stress or handle being given such a big task.

This is why so many; if not all of your favorite kdrama actors; start with small roles, get to know their way around, before even trying to demand being in the position of a male/female lead.

Of course I am very disappointed in the director, the writer and everyone who will be working on this drama, but I have to be objective.

I will not curse Joy out for the time being, I will check out the drama and then judge for myself. Thou I doubt my judgment will be any different from what I shared with you guys.

I know you will shower me with “don’t be so butthurt/ haters everywhere/ fuck off/ why are you so jealous/ give her a chance”

To that I’d reply, first I don’t hate her, hating her requires energy and that I don’t have, I couldn’t give less shit about her before this news broke out. Second I am not a butthurt or hater, as I said I don’t actively hate red velvet or Joy to begin with, I am simply stating my opinion on this subject.

I am just a kdrama fan who hates it when idols from popular companies get lead roles without working for them earnestly. This is why I am commenting on this issue like that.

I do wish her luck! She’ll need it, she is in for a huge challenge, let’s see how well she does, and then judge for sure.

But for now, I’d like to say fuck you to the director/writer/production staff who had anything to do with casting Joy in this drama, you just insulted Lee Hyun Woo “who has been acting since 2007/ her senior of so many years” and you just insulted as well all the other cast who will be working with her who have more talent and worked so hard to try and be in the drama you’re about to make. *clapping back to your stupidity*.

So what do you guys think of this news? Do you support Joy being cast in her first EVER leading role? Do you hate me and why?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below, let me know what you think of this SHOCKING casting news.