Are you a fan of Cheese in the trap? Did you hate the ending? Then fear not because your favourite oppa Park Hae Jin is returning for the movie version of Cheese in the trap.

But wait, there is one small, minor, tiny detail everyone should know…. The main movie cast is almost entirely different.

Today I am reacting to the news Cheese in the trap movie cast finalization decision.

Some fans are not happy, and I am not happy, everyone is upset right now!

why would I be happy with the cast choice? I honestly loved this drama and I am gonna go ahead and shock you all… I actually liked the ending.

I am not going to discuss the ending that’s for another article, but I liked the ending just the way it was, YET many people disagreed with me and cursed out the writer for going with that ending, hell even the original webtoon writer was anything but happy with the ending.

After the ending of cheese in the trap I had trouble finding another drama that was equally different and interesting, the main lead was a sociopath and the leads didn’t end up together, I just love it when kdramas try to break away from cliches. 

What shocked me was them announcing that there’d be a movie version and that Park Hae Jin agreed to reprise his role as the notorious Yoo Jung.

I was not happy with his decision, especially after that reports claiming that no other actor or actress from the original drama was even contacted to reprise their role for the movie.

Kim Go Eun has denied receiving an offer from the director to appear in the movie and so did Seo Kang Joon and Lee Sung Kyung, they all denied that they have been EVEN approached by someone appear in the movie.

Soon after, the director announced that he’d be looking for a lead female and will be holding ‘auditions’ to look for an unknown actress to play the role of Hong Seol, that there’d be no ‘prejudice’ in the decision of who will be playing Hong Seol….

The auditions were held in August of 2016 last year, sadly they didn’t find any actress they thought would be good to play the role of Hong Seol, then they go ahead and pick Oh Yeon Seo as the lead, she will be playing the role of Hong Seol….

Here is why casting Oh Yeon Seo was a bad decision

Oh Yeon Seo is a well-known respected actress, she has been acting for well over a decade and started with her first drama in 2005, I have seen her star opposite Rain in “Please come back mister” and I cannot honestly imagine her as Hong Seol, even when people were suggesting her as a candidate to play the lead in the drama.

Here is why I think its a bad decision!

She is 30 years old, she was born in 1987 and she is older than the character that she is going to play, she looks old and feels old, I can sense that in her face, you can clearly guess she is not in her 20s.

Why would you cast someone with a mature face to play the role of someone in their twenties? 

This does not mean she is a bad actress or that she can’t act, or that its because she’s born in 1987, it remains a far stretch, at least for me!

There are many Korean actresses who don’t look their age but our dear Oh Yeon Seo is not one of them.

I struggle trying to imagine her in the role of Hong Seol so much it hurts, I have seen the rest of the cast of the movie and honestly don’t hate any of the other cast choices as much as I hate this choice of an actress.

Of course I cannot be completely biased and cast her off, she is an amazing actress in my opinion, and I will have to wait and see the movie before judging her so hard, but by the look of it, I still don’t think she’s a good fit.

If it was up to me I would have casted either Girls day Mina, or Park Bo Young, both girls are around the age of the character Hong Seol and have the feel of the character and I think they’d do amazing if they would have been cast.

The biggest hurdle here is the age of the actress, so we’ll have to wait and see how well she’ll do. I have seen many old actresses who try to play younger versions of themselves and completely ruin it.

It is safe to say she is in for a huge role and she’ll have to be totally immersed in the character of Hong Seol to pull it off, after all she has to fill in for Kim Go Eun, an amazing actress who pulled off the part well.

My opinion on the casting choice of Baek In Ha and Baek In Ho.

The brother and sister duo everyone fell in love with in 2016 will be back, Baek In Ha, and Baek In Ho will be played by Yu In young and Park Ki Woong respectively.

Honestly I was not so mad about those two being cast, I have seen so many of their dramas and I think they would be a good choice.

I honestly was happy when I found out that Park Ki Woong is taking on the role of Baek In Ho, I have seen his dramas before and I am a huge fan, he has portrayed the bad boy role a couple of times and I think he will add something to the role of Baek In Ho that our dear Seo Kang Joon was not able to add.

He has this sinister look in his eyes and he will do a great job confusing audience of his true intentions towards Hong Seol.

Baek In Ha will be played by Yu In Young, another talented amazing actress who has also played many roles of the bad girl and pulled it off well. She has tough shoes to fit in because Lee Sung Kyung did a pretty good job at it, thou at times I felt like Lee Sung Kyung was exaggerating, I still loved her very evil annoying character.

Why Park Hae Jin reprising the role of Yoo Jung is a HUGE mistake!

What upsets me a bit or a lot is the fact that Park Hae Jin came back for the role of Yoo Jung. Its not that I hate his character, he is by far one of the best actors currently in the business and I am a huge fan, but I think he made a wrong choice here.

They are replacing the whole cast of the drama with other people, I would have preferred another person playing the role of Yoo Jung. Because all the characters have been already replaced I thought it would be a lot better if he had refused to reprise his role.

He is a great actor and he does a great job making you love hating him, he looks older than the character he’s playing, but to me he is a way better at actor than many other actors around his age (for example lee minho), but hey! That’s just my opinion. [Calm down, calm down]

He admitted in an interview that he felt sort of bad for the viewers of cheese in the trap and wanted to make it up to them by starring in the movie and setting the record straight, and all of that was because of the bad ending and the disappointed reaction of many fans… which is understandable.

He was screwed over by the PD, the writer and director.

If you clearly remember, hell broke loose last year around this time, he was set aside as a secondary character in cheese in the trap and they even reduced his screen time and gave it to Seo Kang Joon instead of him, I was so upset when I saw that our dear Yoo Jung was not getting enough screen time, the replacement the writer made was so annoying.

He was also scheduled to release an OST, which also fell through even thou he has teased its release to the public and has finished recording it. The OST was never heard of or even released, which made me more furious.

I know, I know, the director has changed and the writer is still not confirmed, but I think Park Hae Jin should have refused.

I would have preferred a whole different cast to begin with, so we can compare freely and be less prejudice, we can compare how each one did in the movie opposite to how everyone did in the drama.


I am still mad at the choice of the lead female, and will always probably be, but that’s just my opinion, but I promise when I see the movie I will judge her by how good she plays the role, although I don’t have high expectations to begin with.

The filming of the movie starts April, which is about 2 months from now, by then the script would be ready and all of our actors would have finished preparing for the movie.

No further details on the writer have been mentioned, and the rest of the cast beside the main cast is yet to be announced, I am curious about this.

The previous cast was wonderful and each one played their character well, there wasn’t a dull moment.

So tell me what you guys think? Do you agree with me? Do you like the new casting of the drama? Tell me your opinion in the comment section below.

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