Is Henry leaving Super Junior? SM ignites the rumors by asking fans for suggestions to his official fanclub name

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Today I am discussing the news of Henry opening up to the fans of his struggles with SM entertainment and the company reaction itself, which left me wondering, is Henry leaving Super Junior?

We all know that SM isn’t the brightest company in Korea, in fact its one of my least favourite companies in south Korea, they strike me as those who care only about manufacturing idols for the sole purpose of $$$

Henry has voiced his frustration back in early January when he posted a message to his Instagram account saying

“It’s tiring. I’m exhausted. I can’t do it alone any longer. It’s been a mistake since 9 years ago. It’s become so big I can’t support it anymore. What do I do now?”

“I……I only have my fans now. If you see this message please speak on my behalf, the company won’t listen to me.”

It was sad seeing him having to write this to his official Instagram account before deleting it, he did it knowingly it would cost some chaos and he wanted SM to pay more attention to him. Which they did, and they decided it was time they opened up a fan club name for him.

Which got me wondering, what does the move of “fanclub” really mean?

In case you knew or didn’t know not just any idol gets a fan club name, recently Hyuna opened up a fan club name celebrating 10- years since her debut.

After 10 year my friend she got a fanclub name, this is something you either give to a group, or a solo artist, not to a single idol in a very big well-known group, unless he has left the group and is going solo.

This raises some eye brows, what does this mean? Why are they giving him a fanclub name? Is it like giving him a lollipop to shut his mouth? To remove him from super junior and have him go solo? What does this move mean?

SM wrote an announcement saying:

Hello, this is a representative of Henry. 

We appreciate fans who give Henry their love and attention. We’re now opening up suggestions for Henry’s official fan club name. Those who want to participate, please follow the directions stated below. 

We look forward to the diverse opinions from fans. Henry will be selecting his official fan club name, and the person who suggested the selected fan club name will receive a handwritten message and autographed CD by Henry as a gift. 

We ask for fans’ attention and participation. We’ll make an announcement on Henry’s official home page once the fan club name is confirmed. Thank you.”


So they’re asking for names of Henry official club name, and henry has said that it became too big and he can’t control it, he called his decision to join Super Junior M a huge mistake…..

It seems to me that he is done with SM entertainment, last time he released a single was in 2014, and it was called fantastic, which I honestly liked, super junior music is not my style but I like henry style.

Since 2014, he has not promoted with the group, or released any new single, 3 fucking years! That’s a lot, that’s too much.

I would be as frustrated if not more if I were him, this is basically a death sentence and they shouldn’t be doing this to him, they are wasting this beautiful talent by locking him up in their dungeon, or so the fans call it. 😉 “kinda makes sense”

Its funny that SM paid all this money and spent all those hours trying to train Henry in order for him to debut as a part of super junior to then cast him aside and treat him like nothing.

Did they make the amount of money they wanted out of him? What exactly went wrong? Why aren’t they paying much attention to him?

He has made a few tv appearances since 2014, he joined we got married variety show, and he released a couple of collaboration tracks, but nothing musically has been heard from him, he writes and composes his own music and can play many instruments, why aren’t they overworking him?

Honestly saying; and I stand by my words; I don’t think Henry will stick around with Super junior, my hunch tells me he will still be considered a part of Super junior, but he won’t promote in it anymore, at least that’s what SM is going to tell us….

SM is not even paying that much attention to Super junior nowadays, fans complained about how badly they handled their 10th year anniversary album that did poorly in the charts, and called SM out, of course, as expected SM won’t respond.

It hurts that this is the case, being an idol can be good and everything, but I want you to know and remember that it’s a profession and a job, just like any other job out there, the only difference is that is it fluctuates a lot and you don’t always get paid each month, which is the case of Henry in my opinion.

How the hell can he make money when he is not allowed to work? Even if he is getting money from royalties, it is still very little, from where does he get the money to live on? Ya I know he might be rich, I doubt that he is THAT rich, as much as you’d expect him to be, I pretty much doubt it.

He has not promoted in super junior M for quite some time, and he has not released a single whatsoever since 2014, and he was only making appearances here and there in dramas and TV shows, how much could he be making?

My heart goes out to Henry during this difficult time, and I honestly doubt he’d renew his contract with SM entertainment, who would want to stay in a company that does not allow you to release music when you’re this talented? You’re wasting your youth and time in the wrong place, and the time you lose their cannot be retrieved, by the end of the day, I think Henry asked himself this question…. “is it worth it? Was it worth it?

 It’s like SM entertainment does not have a middle ground, they either overwork their artists, or lock them up.

SM entertainment has a very good marketing strategy, as someone who is interested in this subject and is currently studying it, I can’t help but like it, but I think their contracts and the way their treat their artist is very bad, I wish they valued Henry as much as we international fans do.


I hope he leaves the company, to be honest with you, I think he’d do a lot better in any other company that’s willing to give him wings to fly, he is by far one of the most talented idols out there, I honestly think he is as good as Gdragon, he can write, he can sing, he can compose, and he speaks 5 languages, and he can play many instruments and composes in them as well, that’s quiet difficult, not anyone has such talents.

What makes him so different from lets say Zico? Or Gdragon? I am not trying to drag names here, but those two are also very well known and respected artists who write their own songs, and release them.

I just wish I could see more of him, and wish him luck in his future plans.

The last day to submit the fanclub name suggestion is in 28th of February; make sure you submit your suggestion to SM entertainment, I am curious to see how this will go.

So what do you guys think? Do you think he will leave Super Junior? Or do you think he will stay?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and let me know what you think.

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