Dara joins the cast of Cheese in the trap movie and fans lose their minds

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Guess who’s joining the cast of Cheese in the trap movie? Sandara is, and fans are losing their minds.

Something huge happened today, and it made all 2ne1 fans happy and excited, their unnie dream of being in a blockbuster movie has come true.

Dara will be playing Jang Bo Ra, she will be the main female lead best friend, she will be accompanied by the rookie actor Kim Hyun Jin, they will be paired as a couple.

I have previously discussed the Cheese in the trap movie adaptation and how much many fans including me are feeling a bit let down that the original cast won’t be present, and that only Park Hae Jin remains of the main cast, check out the full article here.

Dara joining means that the cast is finally complete, they’re set to meet on the 26th of March and will begin filming next month.

This will be Dara’s biggest movie debut to date, Blackjacks are happy that she is finally getting the chance to shine her light, if she does this right then she can easily move on to bigger roles in the future.

Jang Bo Ra is a cute role, she is a young lady in her early twenties in the university, I am wondering how well will Dara do in that role, but she is a vampire “never ages” so she can easily pass as a young university girl.

You can check out the full news clip down below, and let me know what you guys think about Dara’s choice to join Cheese in the trap the movie.

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