Park Bom says she is now signed under “YG The Black Label” which also houses Zion T

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Finally, it seem like Park Bom is no longer a free agent.

The former 2ne1 member only yesterday hinted at her pending comeback through a photo on twitter.

This photo got fans excited until she answered a fan’s tweet and told the fan to ask a YG producer called Teddy.

Teddy is a huge YG producer, he has worked on so many hit song for 2ne1 and also worked with Bigbang.

He has established his own sub-agency under YG called “The Black Label”, so fans were assuming that she’s now under that label.

Today, she has finally confirmed this through a tweet, here is the screenshot:

“The Black Label” houses Zion T as well, who is a very popular and successful R&B artist. Fans were very happy when Bom cleared the confusion up.

My thoughts

I am happy that Bom’s unnie talents won’t go to waste and that she’s finally coming back to singing after such a long time.

But I must admit, it feels a bit suspicious if you ask me.

Why hasn’t “The black Label” officially announced that she has joined the agency?

Back in November 2016, YG said that they didn’t renew their contract with Park Bom, so she was basically a free agent, many fans were worried about her.

Why haven’t they announced that she’s a part of this new label? Why did Bom have to announced it herself by answering a fan’s tweet?

It just makes no sense, I don’t think that’s the right way to go about it if you ask me, she deserved more respect, and the fans deserved to know through an official announcement instead of an answer to a tweet,

However, if she’s not YET signed under the label but she just spit out like this, then it’s a problem, I have to look at this subject objectively and from all angles.

It could be that either the contract has not been finalized yet or that she already signed but no one mentioned that.

Anyways, I do wish unnie the best of luck, her precious voice deserves to be heard and I hope that we can hear something from her this year.

Are you excited about unnie’s comeback?

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