The cute couple of Joo Man and Seol Hee has gotten back together at last.

“Fight My Way” aired its last episode on Tuesday the 11th of July and had a satisfying happy ending for all its cast.

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Both Seol Hee and Joo Man had fought an broke up a couple of episodes back because Joo Man was caught sleeping at his co-worker place, Seol Hee decided to end their 6 year relationship because of his constant lying and sneaking out.

But the drama writer made sure the two got back together towards the end of the final episode.

While Dong Man and Ae Ra were sealing their wedding invitations they heard something upstairs and immediately knew what was up.

The two went to Joo Man’s apartment to confront them both after hearing their steps up stairs.

At first they both insisted that they’re not back together but Joo Man was only helping her peeling plumps.

Ae Ra tells Seol Hee that she can do better, that she should dumb his ass and fly high, to which Joo Man holds Seol Hee tightly and says “Just let us love each other”.

Both Ae Ra and Dong Man then try to fly kick him, but are also almost happy the two got back together.

Fans are happy that the two got back together, they suited each other so well.

Are you happy the two got back together? Or do you think it was a bad decision?

The Review

Am I happy these two got back together? NO!

I ship them together in real life, but in my opinion the way Joo Man treated her was really not what she deserved but a part of me knew that the writer would pair them together in the final episode.

He basically cheated on her and treated her bad for having low expectation in life, he snapped in her face a couple of times and told her she wasn’t dreaming big and that he wanted more.

I do understand that he wanted to help her become stronger but this isn’t the way to do it. He was swayed by someone who reminded him of her back in the day, he can never take the damage back.

I honestly believe Seol Hee deserves better, she can do better, everyone says so, its not that Joo Man is a bad bad human being but its that he didn’t treat her right after a while and only concentrated on money.

Their characters might have good chemistry together but the two look at life differently and that’s whats wrong.

I didn’t sense that Joo Man even knew how bad he has been treating her (not mentioning that he cheated), did he change? Does he understand that life is about the small things not the big things now?

The writer showed me no signs of him changing, even with the 15th episode he was still arguing that she should aim higher and yelling his way through, he tried to change her but she wanted to love him just the way he was.

I am not saying that Seol Hee is completely right here, but I do like the way she sees life.

You may say I am reading too much into this and it might be true, but I really hate girls who deserve better end up settling for less than what they deserve.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with me?