The highly anticipated tvN drama “Bride Of The Water God” aired its first episode on the 3rd of July.

This drama marks the comeback drama of Nam Joo Hyuk following the reveal of his relationship with his previous co-star Lee Sung Kyung.

tvN spent a lot of time hyping the release of the drama, some even suspected that it’ll have the same success “Goblin” had, the drama does have some common points but not enough to compare it to “Goblin”.

The drama received some mixed reviews from fans across the world, some labelled it cheesy and repetitive while others like it, so let’s dive in into the recap of the drama before discussing the review.

The Recap

The drama starts off on a heavy note, Shin Se Kyung’s character Soo A in the year 2018 throwing a rose to the Han river before committing suicide (jumping into the river).

The first 10 minutes shows the lavish life Habaek leads, he is pampered, spoiled and spend his time doing nothing, when the holy water gets red he finds out that its time he descends to earth to collect 3 items that’ll enable him to become the next God to rule all Gods.

After having a word with the high priest, he heads to earth to begin one of a kind adventure. He ignores the high priest advices thinking he can get back to his place very soon.

Meanwhile, Soo A is struggling with debt, and is having a hard time running the psychiatric office she owns.

She’s having a bad day and ends up drinking with her friend/nurse and talks about how she dreams of leaving Korea because she hates the country so much.

Late at night, she goes to find a diamond ring she had buried in a park that’ll help her settle the debt she’s struggling with, during that period Habaek descends from the sky onto the ground hitting Soo A’s head.

She’s knocked unconscious, Habaek ends up borrowing her coat (because he’s naked) which happens to be where Soo A stored the diamond ring, he wakes her up before leaving and she notices that the ring is missing.

Habaek is taken back by his surroundings, followed by his underling/assistant who turns out to have worn the clothes set for Habaek and left Habaek naked.

Soon enough, Habaek finds out that he lost the coordinates (that’ll help him find the 3 items), and his powers, he tries his best to restore them but fails miserably, something wrong happened while on their way down to earth.

He then is reunited with Soo A, he walks towards her and talks about how he’s a god and his name is Habaek, she concludes that he’s delusional before leaving with her assistant.

The next day comes and we’re introduced to the character Lim Ju Hwan is playing, Hoo Ye he is a CEO of some sort and he goes over instructions and plans with his sub-coordinates before heading to the bank.

Soo A heads to the same bank in attempt to ask for an extension to her loan, she’s then told that it could happen by they’d increase her interest from 4% to 7%.

She spends the rest of the day waiting for a confirmation, before Hoo Ye comes in and she’s forced to wait more.

She barges in to the meeting room and complains that they’re giving him better treatment because he’s a VIP while she has been waiting since the morning.  Hoo Ye asks the bank to take care of Soo A’s issue before leaving.

She then decides to go the countryside to discuss possibility of selling a land her father left her, she then finds out that she might have to sell it for a lower price because it’s a piece of land nobody wants to buy.

Habaek and Soo Ri are already there looking for clues or someone to help, she finds them there and is shocked again.

Again, and altercation with Habaek happens, before they suggest she takes them to the city with her because they have no money to go back to the city.

Habaek finds out that Soo A is supposed to be the one who helps the gods (she’s from a family that has vowed to serve the gods).

Since her GPS and car is running out of gas (as told by her assistant which she ignores), it didn’t take long enough before the car stopped, the GPS was not working properly, and now the three are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Habaek orders his underling Soo Ri to go get gas and ask for help, he also tells Soo A to rest a bit, she seems tired. She takes a nap while waiting for help.

Time passes by and Soo Ri isn’t back yet, she decides to go to look for help, Habaek walks with her before they decide its best to wait for Soo Ri to come back.

Just then they’re confronted by a wild pig, the pig soon goes after them both, Habaek and Soo A then link hands and run away as fast as they could from the big pig.

Soo A loses the car keys while running and is forced to use the truck of the car, she and Habaek hide in the truck while the pig continues to bang it.

Soo A is afraid, she screams for help and closes her eyes whilst crying, Habaek holds her tight.

Soo Ri comes back with help, a hunter shoots at the direction of the pig chasing him away, Soo Ri came back with gas and they take the car back to the city.

Habaek is driving the car, even though he doesn’t have a driver’s license (because he has better learning abilities than most human do), once Soo A finds out he’s driving without a license, she freaks out and she tells him to stop the car.

She asks him to part ways, he’s being delusional and he keeps saying that he’s a god and that she should follow his orders or else she’ll regret it.

She leaves him behind, Habaek then decides that its best he kisses her in order to help her regain her memory since she’s from the family that vowed to serve the gods.

Soo Ri tries to stop him, he fails, he tried to remind him that his powers are gone so the kiss probably won’t work, but Habaek of course doesn’t listen and goes there and gives Soo A a kiss.

And we’re left with this cliff-hanger.

The Review

Did I have expectations of the drama? No I didn’t!

Am I disappointed? not too much! I laughed throughout the entire episode, it was fun!

A lot of people were disappointed, many had high expectations, but when I found out that Shin Se Kyung was a part of it, I got my hopes down.

She’s a good actress but has terrible chemistry with her co-stars; she is always awkward both on set and out of it. I think she is a cute person in real life (so I’ve seen from her interviews) but the girl and the word “chemistry” shouldn’t exist in the same sentence.

Of course this wasn’t going to be as good as weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo (chemistry wise), we all knew it.

Nam Joo Hyuk is looking fine as usual, but his character is very stupid. He doesn’t bother learn about the place he’s going to, he’s arrogant, annoying and demanding.

As a God, this is the kind of character you’d expect him to be, he spends the majority of the first episode reminding Soo A of the fact that he’s a God and that she should respect him.

Now from a human perspective, if I see him blabbing on I would report him to the police, if I see the person accompanying him also acting as if what he says is true, I’d call authorities. These two should be in a hospital getting treated.

I wonder why she didn’t! Seriously, the girl should know better.

The sidekicks of Habaek and Soo A are wayyy smarter than the main characters themselves, even though the drama tries to make them appear as if they’re not that bright.

I can understand why Habaek would be slightly stupid, he’s spoiled, he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants and he isn’t used to being disrespected or challenged.

Soo A on the other hand has no excuse. The girl doesn’t know her car GPS isn’t working or that her car needs an oil change, she basically wouldn’t survive without the help of her assistant.

She’s all over the place and chaotic. She seems like a fish struggling to survive out of water.

I do like Soo A’s character she’s entertaining and funny at times. But I really dislike Habaek’s character, even though I found myself laughing at what he said most of the time, because it seemed so illogical and stupid.

Another drama with a handsome male lead who has everything and a female lead who’s struggling with debt and is leading a difficult life, she meets a man who changes her life to the better, yet another drama with the same plot.

The kiss in the last scene was unpredictable and they both lack chemistry, I don’t know if it’ll get better or not to be honest with you.

I wish I could’ve seen a better introduction of Lim Ju Hwan character, but of course it’s the same shot, same introduction EVERY FUCKING CEO character in a kdrama always has.

Will the drama get better? I honestly I am struggling to like the idea of the story to begin with. If you ask me I don’t think the drama should’ve been made to begin with.

It’s a fantasy theme and those manhwas are a lot harder to translate into real life, it can appear really cringe worthy at times if not done properly, from a good cast to a good writer to a huge budget, these fantasy manhwas need lots of work.

A god with heavy makeup isn’t exactly how any of us picture gods; suddenly he loses the heavy makeup on his way down to earth… They look like us and speak Korean, which is also weird!

They speak old Korean and sound like historical Korean drama characters (I don’t know where that logic came from), yet Habaek doesn’t even know how to read Korean! The fuck?

I honestly have no idea why Nam Joo Hyuk chose this project to begin with; I just thought he knew better!

I see nothing that sets this drama apart or makes it interesting. I will be releasing the second episode review shortly; the drama has room for improvement we’ve only just started.

BUT, if this is how the script quality will remain then I honestly have no reason to watch it, its not interesting enough for me. But since I know Korean dramas take a couple of episodes to warm up, I will have to wait before judging.

What did you think of it? Did the drama live up to your expectations?