Back again with the second episode recap and review of the highly anticipated tvN drama “Bride Of The Water God” aka. “Habaek’s Bride”.

Check out the first episode recap and review here.

According to Nielsen Korea the second episode of the drama recorded less than the first episode. Check out its ratings numbers here.

“Bride Of The Water God” wastes no time and introduces more conflict to the cast of the drama.

Sadly, the second episode doesn’t feature the rest of the main cast Gong Myung or Krystal, fans will have to wait next week to get a glimpse of them.

Though the first appearance of them was teased in the end of the first episode they didn’t appear leaving many fans including myself very disappointed.

So lets start with a quick recap before we review it.

The Recap

In the first minute of the second episode, the high priest says that ori Soo A is fated to die before Habaek even comes back to the water kingdom.

With the first episode we saw Soo A committing suicide by the Han River in 2018, meaning Habaek’s request for the 3 items will probably take him around a year to complete.

After the sudden kiss (which is also sexual harassment) Soo A is shocked at what had taken place, she leaves him behind and goes back home.

There she has a brief mental breakdown and can’t stop thinking about the kiss, she regrets closing her eyes, she tries to find a reason why it happened so she won’t be left with a trauma. (good luck with that)

On the other hand, Habaek is also taken back by the kiss, he recalls it but tries to brush it off thinking that its because its his first time in this strange world.

Soo A wakes up and its Sunday, upon the suggestion of her assistant mom she goes to work out, there she stumble upon Habaek again as he demonstrates his skating skills for a prize.

Since he’s a God he has better powers and can learn anything super-fast, his servant is starving since he’s not a God himself but a servant. (Apparently Gods don’t feel hunger but their servants do, unfair…)

When Habaek sees Soo A he follows her still convinced that she isn’t running away but simply looking for him, she manages to slip away and goes to a place near the river to cool down.

There she sees the river and is terrified by the site of water, its clear she has trauma from something that has occurred in the past.

The next morning she finds out that the psychiatric clinic she rent might soon be taken away from her because she’s behind on rent. She goes after the building supervisor for a chance to talk things out with him.

Again, she runs to Habaek who “again” tells her that she should serve him well, feed his servant and give him a shelter and clothes to wear on daily basis. They get rejected again and part ways.

While roaming the streets a previous servant of Habaek who has ran away from the water kingdom sees him, and goes after him before he kisses him.

Seems like the kiss has some bad effects on him, the guy runs away laughing. Habaek then starts feeling hungry like other humans.

Soo A goes back to her building and seeks out the building owner to apologize for being late with payment. There Hoo Ye is meeting up with the building owner to buy a piece of land from him.

During their meeting, Soo A barges in and asks for an extension, she gets rejected again and humiliated in front of Hoo Ye. Hoo Ye and Soo A have a brief conversation that doesn’t end very well.

Soo A has been hearing voices since the morning and feels like she needs to rest, she hears plants calling for help, she can also read people’s minds now.

Soon after one of the patients she was treating ran away from his home, Soo A is forced to go after him. Ma Bong Yeol is at the train station trying to escape, there he meets Habaek who had lost his servant who is now in the train.

Ma Bong Yeol notices that he’s different, buys him food and asks him about aliens, his mission, and wanting to save the world by meeting Obama. (funny enough, Obama isn’t the president of the US at the moment)

She finds him through his Instagram and asks him to go back with her, he rejects her help and tries to commit suicide because no one believes him.

Soo A sees him jumping into the water but due to her fear she cannot bring herself to jump in and save him. She recalls a time when she tried to commit suicide as a high school student because of her dad.

Her dad wasn’t answering his phone, she says before jumping “I will make you regret it forever”, before she jumps into the water.

She regrets jumping there immediately as she struggles to breathe, thankfully she manages to swim to the shore and saves herself on her own.

Soo A is crying because she cannot jump in the water, and since Ma Bong Yeol seems like he has drowned, she tries to go after him before, Habaek stopped her and saved Ma Bong Yeol.

She cries and tries to revive Ma Bong Yeol who seems to have lost conscious after nearly drowning; after he wakes up she hugs him and thanks him for staying alive.

She then goes to Habaek who is complaining about the chicken leg she dropped on the floor and hugs him as well while saying “Thank you”.

The Review

Habaek again is still in shock and denial; he refuses to believe he’s basically screwed without money on earth.

He pushed Soo A back after kissing her himself, I was like “the fuck dude?” you know she could’ve reported you to police, that is sexual harassment young man!

The second episode is not as half as entertaining as the first one. Habaek being kissed by someone wasn’t a good scene to be honest with you, whats up with them and kissing? Does he become a human with kisses? Why? Why didn’t he become one when he kissed Soo A?

Also the money they had was little, how did they manage to take a cab, then buy some food, then take the subway and still have some money left…. Where is the writer logic seriously? I am not a fan of the script, which is sad because the writer is the same guy who wrote Misaeng…

Oh god!

The second episode lags…. A lot… and basically nothing worthy happened, after Soo A kissed Haebaek suddenly she hear people’s thoughts, didn’t he lose all his powers? How can a kiss change anything?

Why can Habaek learn things so fast but can’t use his powers? Whats the difference between extraordinary ability to learn fast and toying with water? Why can he do this but not that???

The last 20 minutes of the drama was very unnecessary and very annoying and very slow.

Soo A really wasn’t fully responsible for her patient running away, if he’s delusional, he should be taken care of by his parents, why is it her responsibility to find him and get him back? Why aren’t his parents trying to find him through social media or any other means, he’s their son!

The last 20 minutes is Soo A screaming for help while Habaek selfishly stairs at a fucking chicken leg! He can clearly see that Soo A cannot dive to the water but chooses to hear her scream and cry and beg for help for a good 2 to 3 minutes while he stares at the chicken leg.

The last scene was so poorly edited and it shows, I think the writer didn’t intend for the scene to last so long, but the editing team chose not introduce more characters, the characters we’ve been waiting for (krystal, Gong Myung) and instead spent a solid 15 minutes on a single pity issue.

The water scene just drags badly, I was very annoyed by Soo A’s constant screaming and crying, I hated Habaek who was busy staring and not responding.

He then tells her she’s noisy… I was like…. (oh god! Really? Really?)

If she’s noisy, save the damn guy and get back into staring at the chicken leg. Why did he take so long?

I must admit, I understand the ratings; they’re lower for this episode. This episode was less fun than the first one! It was an annoying episode.

I just hope it picks up next week, we can’t keep going in circles like that, I am really disappointed in the writer here. I love how well he wrote Misaeng, this however is an amateur level of writing, I am shocked!

I am curious to find out how people who actually read the manhwa feel about the drama, I bet they’re really disappointed!

What did you think of the second episode?