Choi Tae Joon And Nara Surrender To Their Feelings And Kiss In “Suspicious Partner” Finale

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“Suspicious Partner” finale was exactly what I expected it to be, squishy, fluffy and full of happy endings for all.

Choi Tae Joon who plays Eun Hyuk has had feelings for his best friend for a long time Yoo Jung played by Nara.

Eun Hyuk continues to look out for Yoo Jung even after all that has happened between them, he tries to maintain his distance because of the guilt he’s feeling but ends up surrendering after all.

Yoo Jung has been sensing that there is something going on between them and that he cares for her more than a friend should, and she tried confronting him but it was no use.

Toward the final episode the three frenemies get together for drinks and end up dead drunk and both Eun Hyuk and Ji Wook go to pick up the girls.

Eun Hyuk takes Ji Hae and Yoo Jung back to their homes (they live in the same building), after dropping off Ji Hae he takes Yoo Jung back to her place and there what we’ve all been waiting for happens.

They make eye contact while he’s helping her because she drunk he tries to leave and go back to his place but Yoo Jung grabs his wrist, he leans in for a kiss.

He gets back to his senses and apologizes for what he’s done, but Yoo Jung pulls him back to her side and they kiss again.

One day they both pass by each other and decide its time to discuss what has happened back then with the kiss late at night. Eun Hyuk confesses to Yo Jung that he’s had feelings for her since college.

He asks her to like him back but she says she isn’t sure she likes him as a friend or a boyfriend; he says he’s okay with that for now.

After a year has passed it seems like Yoo Jung also likes Eun Hyuk back, and they seem to be doing just fine.

Did you like them both together?

Do you think they have good chemistry?

The Review

I surprisingly enjoyed Nara’s performance in the drama altogether. You know me guys I am not a huge fan of idols being in dramas because they ruin it most of the times.

Nara pulled of her role in the drama perfectly; you wouldn’t suspect that she was an idol for a moment. She was very professional, easy going and not awkward at all.

During the final episode kiss scene she did pretty well, some idols might try so hard to fake it or it can come off very awkward but it didn’t happen, she truly felt like a rookie talented actress not an idol-wannabe-actress.

Choi Tae Joon also did great and his role despite the small screen time he had and his good/bad character. He still made us sympathize with him and love him despite the very awful mistake he made that ruined his best friend relationship.

I wished I had seen more of them both together before this final episode. But I feel like sometimes writers don’t want someone to steal the spotlight from the main leads and thus limit the secondary characters screen time and exposure, it could be a reason why, the secondary character were interesting, at times more than Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun but they were never given the chance to fully shine.

For someone as talented as Choi Tae Joon, it was a waste he was onscreen for such a short amount of time. Nara was also good I wish I had seen more of her good acting, she is charismatic when onscreen.

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