Criminal Minds (Korean Drama) Episode 1 Recap And Review

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The highly anticipated Korean remake of the popular US series “Criminal Minds” aired its first two episodes and I have a thing or two to discuss.

First things first, I was so excited about the drama, its Lee Joon Gi oppa wearing normal clothes in a present day drama, of course I’d be excited. It will be so refreshing to see him in a present day drama.

The drama cast is also a stellar cast, you can do no wrong with such cast. tvN hyped up the drama too much, I almost thought it was a boy/girl group SM entertainment was debuting not a drama.

So a lot relies on the first two episodes, luckily for the drama, the first episode rated around 5%. So lets begin with a quick recap of the most important parts of the first episode before we move on to the review.

The Recap

The episode starts with almost all the main characters working hard trying to defuse a bomb from a terrorist attack. The bomber has been caught and he’s being interrogated and pressured to tell them how to defuse it.

Hyun Joon is working on the site and is dead worried about his subordinate who is working directly to diffuse the bomb. They end up failing and the huge bomb explodes leaving well over 5 people dead and many others injured including Hyun Joon who received a huge shock following the attack.

He sits there outside the hospital tearing up not knowing what to do.

Forward to a year later, another case is taking place, someone is kidnapping a girl who was supposed to buy a vintage car from him. Turns out he was a serial killer that was under the NCI radar.

Ki hyung has quit his previous job and is now teaching in college, he finds out that his wife is pregnant with their second child and is overjoyed.

Sun Woo goes over to the university and tries to convince him to come back, he obviously feels guilty about what took place a year ago which was why he quit the NCI, and is now stuck at this dead-end boring job while frequently being reminded of the incident.

Meanwhile, Hyun Joon is on the same case of the missing girl (that was kidnapped a while ago), the cop with him refuses to believe its related to that serial killer tormenting the public.

Hyun Joon obviously quit what he was doing previously and now works at a police station as a detective, and is struggling to adjust, he is always disobeying his chef and running around investigating behind their backs.

The NCI team arrives at the exact police station Hyun Joon works in and reveals the serial killer case file opening up a joint investigation to solve the case, they have little time left before someone gets kidnapped or the kidnapped girl gets ki

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo accidently meet while investigating the site seperatly, its clear that Hyun Joon has a special hate in his heart for all profilers, he calls their job meaningless.

When Sun Woo goes back to the headquarters she has a special surprise waiting for her, we discover that chef Ki hyung is now back and is trying hard to solve the case.

Sadly, later they find out that the girl they’ve been looking for was found dead in a dumpster, someone has threw her there for the whole world to see.

The serial killer strikes again and now on his way to kidnap someone who is close to Hyun Joon. He succeeds and kidnaps her, she tries to call Hyun Joon, she barely manages to let him know she’s in danger.

Soon after, the find out that the kidnapping of the young lady is related to the case they’ve been following (miracle), and are now extensively looking for a suspect.

They do find one (miraculously), he matches the suspected serial murderer profile and go there to arrest him, they succeed in arresting him but turns out he’s not giving in so easily.

We also find out that he’s a huge fan of Ki hyung, and it looks like he doesn’t really care what they do with him, he was not going to open up easily.

Someone who is close to suspected murderer arrested tries to call the cops after fearing for his life, both Hyun Joon and Sun Woo are on their way to question him in hopes of finding out who else is culprit.

Sadly, the real murderer has already killed their lead, Sun Woo arrives to the site first and is hit by the serial killer car. She ends up falling to the ground as the serial killer exits his vehicle and points a gun at her.

We’re left with this cliff-hanger.

The Review

First of all lets skim this drama from all attachment to its original American version, the American version was great and was a lot of fun to watch but to be fair I will review this drama as if it was not based of any other drama.

Kdramas fans were really torn apart when the drama premiered, people had high expectations, some trashed the drama while others praised it, it really depends on your taste. But that being said it doesn’t mean you should shy away from speaking of obvious drama plot holes or errors.

Like everybody else I wanted to see Joon Gi oppa wearing normal clothes doing a present day drama, my dream came true… but it wasn’t what I expected.

I had high expectations to say the least, those expectation were met with “meh”, throughout the entirety of episode I felt nothing… this is my major problem with this drama.

First of all, lets go through the things I loved about this drama.

I loved Joon Gi’s style and I love the fact that the entire cast is either experienced or good upcoming actors.

I also like the fact that there is going to be no romance involved since this was a crime drama not a rom-com, they should focus on the crimes.

I loved that they didn’t try so hard to copy the American version, they also incorporated some Korean elements into the drama which made it better than them blatantly trying to follow the original.

Now onto what I disliked.

I didn’t like the fact that the crimes got so attached to the main cast so fast. In the first episode someone who is close to Hyun Joon gets kidnapped and is probably going to be killed.

Miraculously it turns out that he was the same serial killer they were looking for, it doesn’t really make much sense, she is trying to buy shoes for him and gets kidnapped. What are the odds that it would be someone close to Hyun Joon?

I also felt a bit stunned by how fast they found a prime suspect to their serial murder case, if it was that easy, they could’ve just found him a lot sooner, just by comparing profiles and looking at how Ki Hyung described the kidnapper they suddenly have all the information they need to capture the kidnapper. Doesn’t seem likely or that easy, don’t you agree?

A lot of people are really not a fan of Na Hwang who is the computer genius in the drama, many fans think she is trying too hard, I agree with them, she just looks so fake trying to be whatever she’s failing at.

Some kdrama fans didn’t like Lee Han’s character as well, I find him okay, but many think he’s really annoying and arrogant.

I do have an important question, why the hell is Min Young (who is responsible for handling media coverage of such stories) with them all the time?

Isn’t her job basically a desk job? Why is she there in each crime scene when she really shouldn’t be there, she doesn’t need to be there, why is the writer adding her to each scene when she’s absolutely needless?

Now onto how I feel about the entire drama. As I said I had high expectations, I was let down to be honest with you.

I don’t feel anything while watching the drama, I am not excited or sad or happy, or anything. I just feel like I am not watching a drama, just a sequence of events that I really shouldn’t care about.

I don’t like or dislike any of the main characters but I feel like its really underwhelming, my main problem is not the major plot hole in the first episode, but its just the feel of this drama.

I am not feeling it, I am not enjoying it, I feel let down by the premiere. Its not bad, not good, its okay… its average, that’s my problem, I really expected that I’d react better than I did.

Of course, just like many other kdramas, it takes about 3 to 5 episodes to fully judge a drama. So I won’t be so quick to dismiss it in any way, I will have to watch the next couple of episodes before judging.

The OST seems nice, I can’t wait to hear the first part. I am way more excited about the OST release than I am of the next episodes.

What did you guys think of the first episode, did you like it?

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