Criminal Minds (Korean Drama) Episode 2 Recap And Review

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Following the first episode that aired on Wednesday and achieved great ratings, comes the second episode.

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So lets start with a quick recap before jumping into episode 2 review.

The Recap

Following the kidnap case of Na Young, Hyun Joon follows a suspected person who happens to be linked to the cases.

Sun Woo beats Hyun Joon to the scene, but finds out that their suspect already died, on her way out to follow the real killer, she gets hit by his car, she even spins and falls down.

After her scary car accident (which can literally kill her but miraculously didn’t) she gets up feeling pain in her chest, but she is still okay enough to get up walk and converse with people while a metal stick penetrated her chest. Luckily for her Hyun Joon arrives to the scene and the killer gets away.

They go after him to but sadly fail to capture him. Sun Woo is hurt but refuses to go to the hospital, so instead with the help of Hyun Joon she pulls off that stick from her upper chest.

Meanwhile, Ki Hyung is still trying to extract information from the kidnapper in the cases, the kidnapper refuses to open his mouth so Ki Hyun continues to try and provoke him before they run out of time.

The killer is calculative and works according to a clock, the next morning both Lee Han and Min Young are still at the kidnapper apartment trying to figure out the password.

After multiple failed attempts, they finally crack the password, they see Na Young trapped in that cell screaming for help. They also find out that they have less than 8 hours left before the killer takes her life.

The kidnapper breaks down after Ki Hyung confronts him about the lies he has told him earlier in the episode. Turns out the kidnapper was raped by two people back when he was in detention center.

Someone came in and saved him, he killed one of perpetrators, and since then the kidnapper followed the guide of the man who took revenge against those who hurt him. Yet he still refuses to sell out the real killers name or the location.

Meanwhile, both Hyun Joon and Sun Woo are investigating deeper into what had happened back in that detention centre and find out that there was indeed a man who the kidnapper looked up to.

Finally we see the face of our suspected serial killer trying to convince a troubled teenage to kill. The serial killer finds out that the cops are investigating and keeping an eye on him. He uses the troubled teenager to help him distract the police as he leaves for the designated location to finish the deed.

But fear not the computer genius and Lee Han discover that the girl is in a boat, the police leave for the scene to catch the criminal.

Na Young has managed to escape but sadly the killer catches her, after a long battle and chase between the police and the killer, the killer finds refugee in an old building.

They follow the killer and an altercation with him they save the girl, he ends up shooting Ki Hyung but gets shot and taken down. Finally the killer has been caught. Min Young is seen briefing the media about what had happened the next day.

Sun Woo goes back to Hyun Joon and hands him an invitation letter to join the NCI, she finds out that he was a profiler himself (what?)  and proposes the job offer to him.

Hyun Joon goes to visit the grave of his subordinate, there he finds the chef in command who had made the order that killed many young people.

The chef in command finds out that Hyun Joon had been thinking about joining that NCI unit, he then confesses that he was the one who gave the order a year ago.

Hyun Joon is shocked, but we already know he had finally made his decision. The next day he joins the team officially.

Meanwhile, Ki Hyung is trying to soothe Sun Woo and is trying to remind her that it’s the count of lives they saved that matters most. He brings up an old case (the first case she took when she joined the NCI) and tells her to look at all those little girls she saved so she can finally sleep in peace.

The following day, Min Young is on her way in a train back to the headquarters, the train suddenly stops. She finds out that there is a killer on the loose in the train.

The killer proceeds to shoot the police officer that was chasing him down as well as another man.  Her team finds out that they have a new case and to their shock their Min Young is on that train.

We’re left with this cliff-hanger.

The Review

I am annoyed, deeply annoyed by the filming technique, stop it already you’re getting on my nerves.

The obviously pointless shot of the characters’ faces is too annoying, its like the camera is shoved to their faces, its not flattering. The camera angle is also too dark, they’re not using enough light.

Again, with coincidences, no excitement when watching the second episode, they caught the killer within the first 30 minutes of the episodes. It feels like everything is being rushed badly.

Again, Na Hwang is annoying, and Lee Han suddenly knows more about computers than the computer master Na Hwang herself, how is that possible?

Turns out Hyun Joon is a profiler, I was like whaaaatttt, whats up with all that hate towards profilers then? and why was he on the scene when he belonged in an office profiling the suspect himself?

What annoyed me the most was the second episode ending scene. I just found it to be really annoying that the writer is associating each case with a cast member. What a coincidence that was when Min Young happened to be on the train which held a killer holding a gun.

I must also admit that I don’t like or dislike Sun Woo or Hyun Joo characters, they’re just average and honestly not that interesting to me.

So far okay, to be honest with you. Its still not a bad bad drama and not an extraordinary drama as well. The OST seems great but the plot is not that intriguing, its not exciting to me, I find it rather boring and that shooting style is annoying the hell out of me.

I am not excited about this upcoming Wednesday episode. I don’t think I’ll continue to watch the drama, I might check out the 3rd and 4th episode and then decide.

The drama has 20 episodes and the cast has been filming for a while now, these episodes you see have been filmed back in April earlier this year. So if the writer doesn’t write better I think the public will walk out on the drama. I have a problem with the cinematography and writing of this drama rather than with its cast.

Until now I think tvN takes the crown for the most disappointing dramas of 2017, but I do hope the drama succeeds, I love Joon Gi oppa and I can’t handle the thought of him being tormented by bad ratings.

What did you guys think of the second episode? Did you like it?

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