The two leads of the popular KBS drama “Fight My Way” ended the drama on a high note.

Contrary to what others believed when they started tuning in to “Fight My Way”, the two leads who ended up getting married are not the ones we thought would.

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The final episode of “Fight My Way” aired on Tuesday the 11th of July, the drama had a very happy ending which made fans hearts flutter.

Towards the end of the episode 16, Dong Man goes up against Tak Soo again and beats him in the ring once and for all, Ae Ra was the one MCing the match.

At the end of the match, Ae Ra goes up to declare her ex-boyfriend the champion and is seen trying to hold back tears.

The two have broken up in episode 15 because Ae Ra couldn’t handle seeing Dong Man fighting in the ring, after the winner was announced both Ae Ra and Dong Man were left on stage.

Dong Man then proposes to Ae Ra in the ring reducing her to tears, he tells her he can’t live a day without her and that he loves her so much and thus ends up asking her to marry him.

Ae Ra starts crying and the two end up hugging in the middle of the ring with the crowd cheering them on.

Many people had thought that it would be Joo Man and Seol Hee couple who’d be getting married since they’ve been together for so long.

Nevertheless the drama ended happily and fans loved that it ended with both couples getting back together.

Have you checked out episode 16 yet? What did you think of it?

“Fight My Way” will be missed!

The Review

I must admit I loved “Fight My Way” more than I had initially thought I would.

I didn’t start watching the drama with much expectations because I have been let down by Seo Joon oppa before, his last couple of projects didn’t live up to my expectations.

The ending was too happy to be true, but I did love it, I didn’t actually expect them to get married, I thought that Seol Hee and Joo Man would end up marrying one another but I was shocked.

It was Dong Man’s way of keeping Ae Ra by his side forever, they end up getting back together and marrying one another, it was cute to see.

They do know everything there is to know about each other which makes the marriage seem just about right. They gave the audience the ending they wanted because the drama was so damn popular and for a good reason.

It is by far one of the best rom-coms I have seen for the past 5 years and one of the best dramas of 2017, if I wanted to get someone attached to kdramas I would probably suggest this drama for them.

Did you enjoy the drama?