Ji Chang Wook And Nam Ji Hyun FINALLY Get Back Together, Share A Kiss After A While

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Great news to all Ji Chang Wook And Nam Ji Hyun shippers.

The two characters, Bong Hee and Ji Wook have finally made up and got back together.

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The two have previously broke over a misunderstanding created by Ji Wook who thought that Bong Hee’s father killed both his parents in the fire.

Ji Wook then regained some of his memory and he discovered that her father actually rescued him in the fire and died as a result. Since he was a kid the prosecutor in charge then tried to play with his mind and make him testify that Bong Hee’s father was the one behind the fire.

Ji Wook told Bong Hee the truth and she couldn’t forgive him at first because her father died a criminal and an arsonist.

In episode 37 and 38 Bong Hee decided its time to let go of the past, she told Ji Wook “Lets call it even” after listing all the good things he’s done for her and how much he put up with because of her.

After that it was a bit awkward around them, but towards the end of episode 38 the two met in an empty court room and shared a kiss.

The kiss symbolizes that the two just couldn’t stay mad at each other for any longer, they decided to let it all go and just be together.

As expected the scene came out perfect, Ji Wook and Bong Hee have amazing chemistry together.

Fans are happy that the two shared a kiss together in a long time.

Will you be tuning in to the final episode of the drama tonight?

The Review

I like this drama, its gonna be hard not to have anything to tune into the next week, it’ll be greatly missed.

I just love the two together and I understand the awkwardness they felt around each other, its totally understandable considering their tangled past together.

The two have amazing kiss scenes together, you can’t complain of Chang Wook’s kiss scene, the guy knows how to kiss well.

Overall this episode was really satisfying to see, I can’t wait to see the final episode and find out more about why Bong Hee’s father even went to Ji Wook’s house.

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