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The south Korean netizens are very harsh on idols and actors, the idols and actors are supposed to be perfect, innocent and please the public at all time.

But every once and a while a Korean celebrity is entangled by some controversy and loses the public interest and struggles to get back to how it used to be for them.

So today at jazminemedia.com we’re taking a look at some of the kpop idols and Korean actors who ruined their lives by mistakes they made or by what the knetiz wrote about them.

Check out the full video below to see the 6 celebrities whose lives were ruined by obsessive people and their mistakes. Once you finish I suggest you come back here and read my personal opinion I’d like to say about each one of these cases and write me what you think of each case. I’d love to hear from all of you.

My Opinion On Park Bom

I must admit, on this list Bom is the girl that I sympathize with the most, she has been beaten down by people who claimed to have loved her.

The Korean public can be so cruel sometimes. It just really shows you how controlling the knetizens can be. Of course I am not generalizing (its stupid to do so) but I do think that kpop idols are to a very alarming extent, controlled by the public perception of them.

They’ll spoil the idols, love them, shower them with everything they’ve ever wanted and once they screw up the slightest bit they’ll abandon them and hurt them.

I understand why YG did what he did, he had to clear her name somehow, just imagine how hard it must’ve been for her, having your whole private secret exposed to the public can make you go crazy.

I wonder who’ll sign ori Bom unnie now. I think she should move on from YG and stop it already and find another agency who’d be willing to go that extra mile for her.

My Opinion On Se7en

What Se7en did was so stupid, it slightly hurt my brain.

If you watch kdramas, kpop and kvariety then you know well that Koreans NEVER EVER joke around military enlistment, and I understand why.

Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re special or deserve better treatment at that. You’re a human just like everybody else.

Se7en tested the waters and got bitten by the crocodile for what he did. Such bad luck! it actually turned out to be a prostitution dungeon. That why! Kids you should be careful of when you break the law.

When he released his album I knew it was going to flop badly. He should’ve tested the waters and released a single. But working on an entire album and putting so much effort when you know the public isn’t fond of you is a bold bad move.

He has a long way to go, now younger trendier idols have taken over his and Rain’s spot. They’ll always be special, but his time to shine was over.

He should’ve thought about his career before he did such a stupid thing, that’d seriously ruin it forever. So many idols before him tried to disobey the law and they ruined their careers.

A small search on google will tell you that Koreans really really hate those who disobey the law surrounding military enlistment.They hate it when soemone gets better and special trreatment while their kid must go the extra mile.

My Opinion On Kim Hyun Joong

I don’t know if I pity Kim Hyun Joong or simply think he’s the stupidest idol there is.

He had the world in his hands and he ruined it all in the most hurtful way possible.

I don’t understand the fans defending him after what he did. Whether the girl is crazy or not there isn’t an excuse to beat her and cause her the damage he did.

How dare he beat a woman and hurt her like that? I bet the beating she got really set the monster in her to hurt and hunt him down and she successfully did.

Of course, since she’s mad not everything she says is true but I believe in what the police say, the police aren’t the emotional fans, they judge based on evidence.

Do you know who’s the biggest victim in this annoying crazy drama? It’s the child who was born to a crazy mom who ruined his dad career because he beat her….

I mean imagine how would the child feel when he grows up and reads all those articles talking about his mom and dad online. Just imagine….

This is why idols are extra careful these days, this is why idols complain of not having anyone to share their happiness with. Because of crazy ass girls like Choi who can and will ruin their career if she sets her mind and heart to it. (and there is nothing the idol can do to stop it)

All the love and respect I had for him is gone. How could he not be careful with this woman? I bet he didn’t have any plans to have a child even if she wasn’t crazy…

Why didn’t he take extra precautions… you never know and look what happened!

I honestly am afraid for the child safety and well-being. The mother is crazy and the father beats women and drunk-drives around….

I have no respect for anyone whoever it be who drunk drives. You are a despicable human being who doesn’t care if someone dies while you drive.

Drink all you want, drink until you pass out, I don’t care its none of my business or anyone’s business. But you drink and drive I call you a jackass… because that’s what you are.

Its not like he didn’t have money to call someone to come pick him up and he can drink at home, there are so many options…. There really is, just don’t drink and drive!

My Opinion On Park Yoo Chun

Yoo Chun is an interesting case….

I feel like people were planning so hard to break him down and they’re succeeding.

Its sad because he’s such a talented actor and can sing very well. But I can bring myself to like him. I had huge respect for his performances (I still do) but I can’t say I like him.

I don’t hate him or like him, I feel meh! That’s how it is.

I am glad those girls who tried to frame him got caught and were given the proper sentence, they serve as a good example, you should never try to ruin someone’s career by falsely claiming he sexually harassed you. But that fancam that caught him throwing away that fan’s gift with such an expression really changes things.

I saw lots of comments from dedicated fans who say they’re disappointed by what they saw… it was so shocking how his facial expression suddenly changed so drastically.

I wish him the best. I don’t know if he’ll manage to return to doing dramas or not. I will be watching out for how he handles everything once he’s out.

My Opinion On T.O.P

This is what happens when you become cocky. T.O.P is one of the idols who received immense love and support because they’re in the biggest kpop boy group and the most successful one.

He had the balls to do something so stupid and got caught in the worst time possible and is now paying for what he did.

I think the Korean laws around marijuana is ridiculous, but I also think if you live in a country you respect their laws, if you hate them move away. No one is gonna stop you. But if you stay abide by the laws like a grown up.

He smoked with a trainee and used to date her. According to his lawyer he only smoked twice (I doubt, but okay!) and someone ratted on him and he was tested and revealed to be positive.

I mean if you smoke do a simple google search and just look up how long does your body test positive for a drug. Because if you’re planning on enlisting soon you can be caught, you must be prepared.

If you’re gonna screw up do it with style not stupidly!

I really thought he was smarter than he really was. I am seriously disappointed. Not in him smoking, but with the fact that he dated a girl who supplied him with those drugs, a trainee who can simply ruin his life if she wants. The whole situation is suspicious.

How could he trust someone so easily? I am still wondering about the hell he was thinking back then!

He received the punishment, it was light (thank God) lets see how he bounces back from it. Gdragon did something similar to that and he got over it. Daesung killed someone accidently and survived it, lets see how well will T.O.P do.

It seems like with BIGBANG, the public is a lot more forgiving. Believe me if any other idol would have done what Gdragon or Daesung or T.O.P did their career would’ve been over….

My Opinion On SUPER JUNIOR’s Kangin

Kangin is one of my least favorite idols of all time. I just don’t like him!

The fact that he crashes into things and drunk-drives and runs away tells you a thing or two you need to know of him.

Such a selfish irresponsible human being. What a joke!

I mean forget your career Kangin, but remember the bad actions you do really affect your group badly. If you have problems the least thing you can do is to make sure you don’t hurt those around you who don’t deserve it! (SUJU)

One DUI is enough to make me hate any human being. I don’t care how badly you’re hurt, I don’t care about anything else, I just can’t stand those who don’t even have the basic idea of what DUI can do.

You can kill someone easily while drunk-driving, you don’t know the hell you’re doing when you’re drunk, why are you driving when you’re drunk?

He deserves to sit out of Super Junior’s next comeback, someone like him who has no brain shouldn’t be out there getting money and then using it to drunk-drive around and possibly kill others.

So this is what I think of each case discussed in the video, do you guys agree with me?


  1. Teleri August 12, 2017 2:44 am at 2:44 am - Reply

    You are basing your rant against KHJ on refuted allegations. Choi Hye Mi lied about almost everything. He never beat her, never admitted even hitting her (go read the transcripts of his accounts to police & his apology). He said he was involved in one mutually physical fight involving pushing/shoving. That seems to be supported now since everything she’s said has been proven to at the very least have no supporting evidence. She submitted ONE uncontested medical certificate of 2-week bruising injuries (that do not match the pictures she sold to Dispatch). Other than that, NOTHING other than that baby. The rib injury, that KHJ thought he caused from showing her martial arts moves? Two conflicting medical reports. Even if you make the argument that most abused women will lie about how they got their injuries (the first report has her saying she fell at a gym) HOW EXACTLY do you write off the conflicting statements of the two DOCTORS???? The first report states the injury is only a 3-week injury – but the 2nd where she says her BF beat her has the doctor giving her a 6-week injury!!! THAT is highly suspicious. Choi Hye Mi has lost both her civil suits – the civil trial judge fined HER the maximum amount possible, while the military judge basically said he’d throw the book at her if she were under his jurisdiction. She’s facing criminal charges in court right now, not from KHJ but from the SK prosecutors, for defamation, manipulation of evidence, extortion & lying to authorities.

    • Med August 30, 2017 8:35 am at 8:35 am - Reply

      I thought as much but he should’ve been careful and let a public letter of what happened be sent out to the public from SK

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