BTOB’s Sungjae And Red Velvet Joy Had A Heartfelt Reunion

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The one on-screen married couple of “We Got Married” have finally had a semi reunion and shippers are losing it.

Sungjae of BTOB starred on MBC’s variety show “Oppa Thinking” and didn’t know that Joy would be a guest on the show. Joy didn’t make a physical appearance but she did send an encouraging video message to Sungjae that made our hearts flutter.

She talked about how he made it obvious that he was her oppa even thou they were one year apart and how much she appreciated all the help he gave her on her first variety show appearance.

She then sent him a sweet message saying,

“Our virtual marriage may have ended a while ago, but I’ll always be cheering for you in my heart. Let’s stay close. Fighting! Yook Sungjae fighting!”

After the video message ended, the MCs asked Sungjae why he behaved as a much older oppa to her back then, he said it was because he had debuted 3 years ahead of her and knew a lot about the entertainment industry.

He also talked about how nervous and busy Joy was at the time, he said,

“At the time, Joy was extremely busy and she was suffering emotionally, so I told her, ‘Joy! You can’t be this tired already. You can look tired in front of those you’re close to, but you can’t do that outside. You have to be a professional.’ I told her things like that but now I don’t know why I said that! Argh!”

Aren’t those two the sweet “We Got Married” couple?

Check out the full clip below.

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