Girls Generation Light Up The Studio Of “Ask Us Anything” In New Preview Stills

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Girls Generation has finally made their debut on “Ask Us Anything” and the preview is in and it looks hilarious.

In the preview Kim Heechul can be seen kneeling down in front of the girls who are looking down on him, he asks “What did I do so wrong?”, Sooyoung answers “We’ll keep our mouth shut, so be sure to do too.”

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The members of “Ask Us Anything” will go against Girls Generation. The preview also shows what appears to be a dance battle taking place in the studio, the girls can be seen dancing to Sistar’s “Shake It” as well.

Yoona also showcases her amazing aegyeo to the men in the studio and gets a standing ovation.

The episode featuring Girls Generation will air next week on the 12th of August. Check out the full preview below.

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