The Most Heart-breaking And Disappointing Kdramas Endings Of All Time

Korean dramas have their fair share of sad endings; they also have their fair share of disappointing endings that left fans annoyed.

Some kdramas clearly indicates that there won’t be a happy ending early on in the plot, and some others just come at you out of nowhere.

Thou most kdrama writers try to please fans with the ending and create a mushy ending to the entire main cast, there are some Korean drama writers who just like to see us suffer.

Today at we decide to dive in deep to some of the saddest most disappointing endings of Korean dramas.

Please beware, this video is filled with spoilers, it will cover the following dramas: Cheese in the trap, scarlet heart reyeo, im sorry I love you, I remember you, Triangle, Uncontrollably Fond, and W two worlds.

So in case any of these dramas are still on your to-watch-list or a drama you’re currently watching, please skip over this video.

Check out the video below and then once you’re done watching, join me in the discussion of each drama ending. Here is what my opinion was of each drama ending (as mentioned in the video)


Im Sorry, I Love You

If you google kdramas that all kdrama fans should watch, this drama will probably be on the top of all lists.

Its was the drama that spread the hallyu wave and created this craze with kdramas. Back then people didn’t know much about kdramas and didn’t care much either.

Look where we are now!

“Im Sorry, I Love You” was sad, too sad for me. I watched the first couple of episodes and somehow scrolled through the comments and found out that the hero dies, so I was like “NOP!”

But it was a very good interesting drama with a lot of twists, its highly recommended, but then since you’ve already read my slight review you’re probably not too excited right now!

Cheese In The Trap

I am gonna say it! I actually liked the ending of “Cheese In The Trap”, what you goin do bout it? 🙂

Hahaha! No seriously, I loved this drama, it was such a different drama with a twist I don’t usually see in regular kdramas.

The main male lead of this drama is (by nature) a bad person, he is a sociopath who manipulate and hurts those around him, Park Hae Jin was perfect for his role.

And for the first time I felt like he had good chemistry with someone he shared the screen with, he did mention that he wanted to work with Kim Go Eun and then it happened.

People wanted the two to end up together, but I am gonna be honest, he does not deserve her. I love him and I love his acting but it doesn’t mean that that common sense section in my brain shall be erased because I ship the two together.

I related so much to the drama and I bet a lot of people did as well, its about college life and how people struggle in it. All the characters were amazing, everyone in the drama was amazing, even over-top-Lee Sung Kyung.

I like that he knows he isn’t good enough for her, he wishes her the best, but if we were to be real, he would only cause her misery.

I highly doubt he’d stop being a sociopath just like that, in real life people don’t change so easily, how can a girl in the span of a year or less completely help change what a 24~ year old man is.

He was a jerk to her and hurt her in the beginning of the drama without blinking once or feeling bad, he hurt a lot of other people and didn’t feel that bad, such a character is simply called a sociopath.

In real life, the two shouldn’t have ended up together, if I were her, I would walk away, she is too precious and deserves someone who is at least normal.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

We asked for one fucking thing! One thing and the editors were like “Fuck you all! we ain’t doing that!”

I wrote an article of why I thought “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” was one of the biggest kdrama flops of the year and it was wayyy before the final episode. I don’t regret what I wrote.

The editing team should never EVER find work again, I feel angry whenever I discuss this drama, they had such a good cast, the plot holes and the terrible editing made it so difficult to watch.

But I did tune in to the final episode and couldn’t stop the tears from falling, how could they? We knew it was gonna end badly because we were told what would happen in the Chinese version. Yet we weren’t prepared for what was going to happen!

We assumed (us kdrama fans) that the Korean version would do the same. We get it, she was going to die (not really), but we wanted a proper closure, did we get that? NOP!

Uncontrollably Fond

“Uncontrollably Fond” was a drama I didn’t watch but read  its recap, many people pointed out it was good, some of my friends watched it and said it was sad.

I knew it was going to be filled with tears, and to be honest I am not a huge fan of either Kim Woo Bin or Suzy, so I wasn’t going to watch the drama anyway.

I did watch some clips here and there, I admire how good Kim Woo Bin acting got, he was a model-turned-actor and now we can seriously call him an actor.

The vast majority of reviewers also think this was the best Suzy performance to date. I think she’s an okay actress, but I am yet to watch a drama where I am impressed by her acting enough not to call her an idol actress but an actress.

I will be tuning in to see “While you were asleep” this September, I hope its good! It better be good, Lee Jong Suk can’t screw up with another script like he did with that excuse of a script called “W two worlds”.


I loved “Remember”, and the best thing about the drama was…. (you guessed it) Namgoong Min.

I love evil kdrama characters that aren’t afraid of going all out. He was one hella of an annoying obnoxious character and I loved every clip he was in.

He overshadowed Yoo Seung Ho in my opinion, he just stole the spotlight with his performance and people were actually scared of him in real life (he actually talked about that!)

Yoo Seung Ho did very well in the drama, I didn’t like that the writer went ahead and added a little romance between him and Park Min Young.

They seem to fit noona-dongsang relationship not lovers relationship. I wasn’t buying their chemistry or their romance. They were a good team but not good lovers.

All the people put on an amazing performance and I liked the ending as well. I do have many unanswered questions but I think it was a good realistic drama.

It would’ve been a sad ending if the two had ended up together, he will hurt her daily and cause her trouble, he will hinder her life not add to it, he was going to become more difficult with time.

Yoo Seung Ho’s character realized that and let go, it was such a brave decision that really shows you how much he cared for her. She was still young, too young to have to take care of a younger man who won’t even recognize her.

I know I may sound really annoying and superficial but it is the truth, ask yourself guys, would any of you really be prepared to take care of Yoo Seung Ho’s character? How long will you last? And if he really loved you will he even allow you to take care of him?

Think of this before you bash me in the comment section 😉


“Triangle” was one annoying drama.

And its ending was… very… annoying.

The best thing about this drama was Jaejoong. I watched the majority of the drama, I loved how Jaejoong’s acting improved with time. After a while I felt that he actually became the character he was playing. He was no longer THE Jaejoong, he was his character, I loved that.

Everyone put on an amazing performance and I felt sorry for Siwan’s character. When I was behind on the drama, the final episode was released and when I found out the character was going to die, I was “Nop! I ain’t watching”

W two worlds

Do you know how much this drama annoyed me? ( I am gonna rant, be prepared!)

If I had to pick the most unrealistically annoying kdrama endings of all time, I’d pick “W two worlds”. It was such a good drama and had good progress.

During the middle of the drama, I started to see the cracks and it annoyed me. Towards the ending I feared the worst and it happened. I was waiting for so much more from this drama and I was left in shock.

How can a father choose a manhwa character over himself?

Allow me to simplify the plot, Lee Jong Suk’s character was actually made up and drawn by Han Hyo Joo’s character. In a way she was his God and she created him.

The father well aware of what his daughter’s ideal type was went ahead and chose him over his own life when he was just a drawing.

Whether you like or hate what I say, by the end of the day he is still a drawing, an unrealistic character of what a young girl wanted her dream man to be like. He isn’t real ya’l!!!

The father should’ve killed him, and left the manhwa world like a normal human being. His daughter is beautiful, successful and can easily find a real man with real flaws not that manhwa character.

If I were her, I would have trouble loving Lee Jong Suk’s character after all that happened. I mean what type of shitty happy ending is that? How can she EVER be okay with her father killing himself for her sake? Because she liked the character she drew?

Do you get me?

If she had to choose it should be her father. Where was his sense? Any man with common sense would have killed Lee Jong Suk’s character. Don’t get me wrong I would still be sad he died but at least we’re left with a realistic ending.

Not that pathetic excuse of an ending we got. The writer is such a disappointment and chose to end the drama in a shitty way to please the netizens. She didn’t need to do that…

What is Han Hyo Joo’s character gonna tell people when they ask of her father’s whereabouts? (Good question! I know!)

I know its supposed to be a fantasy drama and I understand for the most part, but it was a crossover between reality and fantasy, the least the writer could do was to actually try to balance between both.

Besides this annoying ending, so much of the drama doesn’t add up. What was that world? What happened to it?

The writer tried (and in the eyes of many) succeeded in creating an illusion. If we were to dive in deep and discuss this drama, so much of it fails to add up, it fails miserably.

In my opinion, she just didn’t know how to end it properly. The drama gets really messy towards the end. I don’t think she knew what she was doing exactly!

So this what I thought of all those drama endings. I do get a little carried away in discussion but its because I feel like some drama could’ve been better.

So what do you think guys? which drama ending got on your nerves the most?


  1. Airtemis August 28, 2017 8:01 pm at 8:01 pm - Reply

    I’ve only seen Scarlet Heart and W from this list, but I completely agree!! In both series it started falling apart at about the middle and the final episode was just terrible. I’m furious about how Scarlet Heart ended!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt like this.
    Also, both series had fantastic actors… for the most part. It’s disappointing they weren’t utilized to their fullest potential. Seriously so upset about these two dramas. >_>

    • Nari Kim August 28, 2017 9:58 pm at 9:58 pm - Reply

      me too! I thought that they weren’t used to their fullest potential!

  2. Sweetyblue1 September 4, 2017 4:31 am at 4:31 am - Reply

    I feel the same about W, I stopped watching it after the cartoon character shot the girl’s dad. I couldn’t get past the fact that they were somehow going to have these characters develop a relationship. Like the guy shot her dad, I wouldn’t be able to be with someone who shot my dad like I don’t care if he didn’t shoot him in a vital area, something bad could have still happened to him after that one shot.

  3. Panda December 14, 2017 9:18 am at 9:18 am - Reply

    Cheese in the Trap: he wasnt a bad guy. The thing show (and webtoon) was about him being misunderstood and her seeing him for who he really is; a guy thats socially awkward and doesn’t understand people at all.
    W Two Worlds: Dont blame Lee Jong Suk for the bad script. The script was bad not his acting. You missed the point on this one too. He started out as a character in a manhwa but he became an actual person. A living, breathing, person. The dad didn’t kill himself for the character, he killed himself because the “other” dad was also going after his daughter and the only way to stop him was to kill himself. Again, bad script good acting.

    • Jazmine K December 14, 2017 5:24 pm at 5:24 pm - Reply

      I will have to disagree with you on Hae Jin’s character in CINT, the character is rather scary and manipulative. I havent watched the manhwa so I can’t comment on what he was supposed to be like, from what I see, he’s clearly a sociopath who doesn’t mind or feel bad for hurting those who stand in his way, yes, he starts seeing that its bad, but him not realizing hurting others and getting back at them in his ways was originally bad, presents a problem with how his brain is wired.
      However, on Lee Jong Suk’s point I agree with some of what you said, I never said he acted bad, but the ending and the entire script went down hill in the second half. He became a living, breathing human throughout the drama, however, he originated from a drawing, that I cannot overlook, he remains an entity created by the mind of a young girl’s fantasy, this is why I still believe he doesn’t exist, the entire plot didn’t make sense, not that it had to, since its a fantasy drama but still there is common sense thats missing!

  4. Kristine March 8, 2018 12:16 am at 12:16 am - Reply

    OOOOHHH, I thought I was the only one thinking about the faltering scenes on W. Lots of inconsistencies and loopholes. Didn’t like the ending either.

  5. M April 25, 2018 6:42 am at 6:42 am - Reply

    W is amazing. That is all.

  6. Megh November 11, 2018 2:04 pm at 2:04 pm - Reply

    W is amazing! I enjoyed watching it.

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