Jessica Says The Real Reason She Didn’t Give Up After She Left Girls Generation Was Krystal

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Krystal and Jessica continue to be sister goals in recent interview with Jessica.

The former Girls Generation member sat down for an interview and revealed the real reason she held on after she had left her group.

She was asked if she had ever felt like giving up during her 10 year long career, she said,

“Krystal is my sister. If I had given up she would have too, she is that kind of person.

I didn’t want to give up but if I had given up it would have influenced her to do the same. That’s why I couldn’t do it.”

Two years after Jessica had debuted in 2007, her sister followed her path and debuted in f(x) in 2009. The two became one of the best American-Korean idols in the kpop scene.

She talked about how they’ve become closer after they debuted, she said,

“We used to fight about food, we used to argue about clothes, but after we debuted we became more courteous. We’ve become friends.”

Krystal and Jessica are truly sister goals.

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My Thoughts

I didn’t know Krystal was that type of person. She seems so cold on the outside yet she is so influenced by her little sister.

I understand what Jessica talked about because I am an elder sister and I also influence my sister with my actions. Younger sisters do learn from you.

By giving up I believe she meant all the things that happened to Krystal after she had left. How Sulli then left and her drama flopped badly back in 2014, how they haven’t had a comeback for such a long time. I bet Krystal felt like giving up a couple of times.

I am glad she didn’t and I am glad Jessica persisted for her and her sister’s sake.

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