Kai’s First EVER Leading Drama Role In “Andante” Confirms Air Date

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Looks like Kai’s new drama has finally secured an air date.

The upcoming highly anticipated drama debut of the lead dancer of the popular kpop group EXO has been confirmed.

It has taken quiet a while before the drama “Andante” managed to secure an air date. initially the drama wrapped up filming March earlier this year.

This drama includes Kai, Lee Ye Hyun, Baek Chul Min, Sung Byung Sook, Jun Mi Sun, and Kim Kwang Sik. The drama has confirmed an air date, it will air its first episode on September 10th at 10 a.m KST each Sunday.

The drama talks about a high school student named Shi-Kyung who suddenly has to move into the countryside, he transfer into a mysterious high school and there he realizes more about love and life.

Are you excited about Kai’s upcoming drama?

My Thoughts

Man I hate it when SM does that!

Don’t tell me I already know, you’ll say judge after you watch, but I have seen Kai in a drama before, although I am ashamed to admit it I have seen “Exo next Door”.

He was below average in it but Kyungsoo was also bad but he’s currently one of the best idol actors out there. So it could be that he really didn’t want to do that cliché drama.

But I hate it when SM artists get leading roles when they’ve never done anything ever before. I hated it when Red Velvet Joy got that leading role in “The liar and his lover” and I hate Kai’s leading role here.

I see many Korean actors struggling and busting their asses to get a role in a drama while a famous idol from a famous group in a well-known agency gets the role handed to him without even having to do anything, really!

Even Kyungsoo went about it the right way, he didn’t start by getting leading roles he proved himself before he claimed leading roles, I love how Kyungsoo did it and I wish more idols would take the same route.

Also the drama… there must be something wrong with it! Why have they finished production back in March and it took them so long to give it an air date?

Usually kdramas snag a time slot and begins filming. With this drama its quite the opposite. What could it be that the drama has been delayed for so long?

Its either bad or unconventional, and I checked out the leading actors they’re all pretty unknown, to some of them this is their first project.

I will check out the first episode and let you guys know how it went. I hope Kai proves me wrong!

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