Kim Jin Woo Reveals Winner’s Efforts to Break down the Walls between Them and Other Idols

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Kim Jin Woo and the rest of Winner revealed the effort they go through to break down previous consumption of YG’s idols.

Winner’s Kim Jin Woo, 2PM’s Chansung and Turbo were guests on this week’s episode of “Radio Star”, the episode theme was older-to-old-to young idols.

After Kim Jin Woo introduced himself he was asked about how he dismantled YG’s idols image. He clarified that he didn’t do it alone, but he did it with the help of the entire Winner’s squad. He said,

“Our senior artists like 1TYM and BIGBANG never leave their waiting rooms. And we as Winner wanted to end that, so we signed CDs and went around to other waiting rooms, greeted the idols and gave them a copy.”

Kim Jong Kook then talked about how he also misunderstood YG artists, he added,

“I wondered if they had a chamber pot in their waiting rooms.”

He also joked about how idols only leave their waiting rooms to check out female idols causing laughter.

The members of Winner recently had their comeback and performed very well on music charts topping various charts both nationally and internationally.

We’re glad that Winner is trying to stop the misconceptions of YG artists.

My Thoughts

I am really happy by this, I like that Winner is trying to tear down walls, its so nice of them.

I like how they’re trying to switch things up, YG artists are too shy or prideful to ever leave their waiting room and I think all fans who know them know that well.

I like how Winner chooses to ignore that, its nice to see a YG group going against the usual flow. I hope the rest of idols of YG also do this. Life is short, make it fun, why are you locking yourself up in a waiting room for so long?

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