“Manhole” Achieves Even Lower Ratings For Its Second Episode, “Man Who Dies To Live” Sets New Record

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Things aren’t looking too good for Jaejoong’s new drama “Manhole”.

Thursday’s episode ratings in out and compared to Wednesday ratings its even worse.

According to Nielsen Korea, the drama rated a low 2.8% coming in last place among its drama contenders.

Meanwhile, “Man Who Dies To Live” continues to enjoy great success, as the main character played by Choi Min Soo revealed to his daughter that he is her father.

The drama rated 11.1% and 12.9% breaking its previous record set in Wednesday’s episode.

“Reunited Worlds” scored well and came in second place with 6.2% and 7%.

Which drama have you been rooting for?

Have you checked out “Manhole” yet?

Credit: Nielsen Korea.

My Thoughts

Omg you guys! Have you checked out “Manhole” yet?

If you didn’t do it yet, then don’t I am doing you a favour.

It was real struggle, omg! Jaejoong’s worst drama in ages, if I dare call it that!

Jaejoong and Baro are both very comical and Uee’s character is too annoying and bland for me to digest it. Seriously one of the worst kdramas of 2017.

I have only watched the first episode (had to split it) because I just couldn’t handle watching it with one go. I still haven’t watched episode 2 yet.

I think I won’t review the first two episodes like I usually do, but instead I will cover the entire drama once in an article.

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