YG Responds To Rumors Of Bad Blood Between Them And Lee Jong Suk

Following Lee Jong Suk mini rant on Instagram to his fans last night, YG Entertainment released an official statement responding to the rumors of bad blood rumors between them and Lee Jong Suk.

A representative from YG Entertainment said,

“We’re doing all the best we can to prepare high quality fan meet for Lee Jong Suk.”

They also added,

“In the process of aiming to produce the best stage possible, he uploaded that Instagram post because he wanted to explain his hopes to fans that have been waiting for a long time to meet him.

We would be grateful if you understand Lee Jong Suk warm heart.”

What do you think of this issue?

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My Thoughts

Wow! don’t know what to say, nice save YG, nice! or is it?

a lot of fans are actually mad at what he said, I mean I was all in defending him for voicing his opinion meanwhile fans have been bashing him for saying how he truly he feels, and honestly I am wavering after reading some comments.

A part of some of the kdrama fans comment that such issues should be discussed within the company and he shouldn’t have thrown them under the bus. Judging from his way of speech he seemed to be upset by how everything was handled, saying “YG team has a lot of pride..” it seems like he is detaching himself from YG.

It could be that he wanted to provide explanation for his fans just as YG said and he came off a bit rude and threw them under the bus. I don’t know anymore I have mixed feelings on what to think of this!

What do you guys think of this?

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