Block B’s Zico Tells Dara About How Much P.O Liked Her

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You can always count on your best friend to embarrass you in front of your crush.

On September 1, Dar and P.O visited Zico prior to his performance in an EDM Hip Hop festival, they have both prepared Moroccan tea and some vitamins for the busy idol.

P.O cutely and awkwardly introduced Dara to his fellow Block B member Zico, Zico then thanked them for coming, he then reveals to Dara just how much of a fanboy P.O was of her.

He told her, “He used to like you a lot even before debut. He even wore your character socks”, upon hearing this P.O’s face turned red but then Dara said “We’ve got a lot closer now!”

They gifted the rapper with Moroccan tea and vitamins, while Zico gifted Dara with a his signed album.

Check out the full awkward cute clip below.

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