The cast the upcoming drama “Four Sons” is slowly growing, and today NU’EST’s Ren has been confirmed as the newest edition to the cast.

NU’EST’s Ren will play the role of Yeo Hoon, he is a loveable character and the younger brother of Nana’s character Yeo Rin and the youngest of his family. He is the vitamin of the family but also had dark secrets.

Yeo Rin always stood up for her younger brother and so he did whenever she got into trouble. The production staff explained why they chose NU’EST’s Ren, they said,

“We casted Ren because we believe he is the best fit for the character of Yeo Hoon, he has a clean image and suits his character well. We’re looking forward an amazing performance from Ren who is a talented singer, we can’t wait to see him showcase his abilities as an actor.”

“Four Sons” still hasn’t secured a channel but is in discussions to air on SBS, it will be written by “Cheese in the Trap” writer Kim Jae Young, and is to be directed by Oh Jin Suk who previously worked on many hit dramas like “Yong Pal”, and “My Sassy Girl” and many others.

The drama is 100% pre-produced, the cast will start shooting in November and the drama is slated to air in the first half of next year.

What do you think of the casting choice? Do you believe Ren can do well?

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My Thoughts

I don’t know guys… this is becoming sort of ridiculous….

First Nara, who isn’t anywhere near the talent level of Park Hae Jin or Kwak Si Yang and now Ren…

I am a fan of NU’EST, I am so happy they’re doing so well now, but why did they cast Ren? Why?

Ren does suit the innocent pure younger brother image, but I have never seen him act, I want to rant a bit more but when I saw who is writing and directing, I decided to wait. The director worked on good dramas like “Yong Pal” and the writer has worked on “Cheese in the Trap”, so I believe and hope that they know what they’re doing.

I doubt Park Hae Jin would ever participate with anything but a stellar cast, so I also think the casting choice of Ren might be justified. When idols are cast in dramas I am always pessimistic, mainly because I have been let down so many times before.

I seriously hope that both Ren and Nara surprise me, but I don’t have a good feeling about this, two idol actors in whats supposed to be a heavy drama with a deep message!

Lets cross our fingers and hope that we don’t see a second “Man To Man” incident with Park Hae Jin oppa.