2017 has had its fair share of mean leading men in kdramas. And normally in kdramas the mean guy is a staple, its something that is always there.

Usually the female lead works her way around how bad of a human he is and he becomes a better person because of her. Kdrama fans love taking that trip along with the female lead, they love seeing the change in the character.

But in real life it’s not so easy to change a man, so instead of telling audience to go and find a horrible man and try to ‘fix’ him, these kdramas grace us with talented, adorable, and most of all nice guys who do end up with the female lead.

2017 has presented us many leading men that we’d love to date, so much more than we usually see each year in kdrama land.

So today and as voted by jazminemedia.com YouTube audience, we’ll be talking about the nicest kdrama boyfriends of 2017 so far.

Watch the video below for our favorite kdrama boyfriends of 2017.


Which one of these adorable kdrama boyfriends were your favorite? Do you have other leading men you think should’ve been added to the list?