Sooyoung Seohyun And Tiffany Officially Leave SM Entertainment, Girls Generation Future Unclear

What fans have feared finally came true.

According to reports by various Korean new sites, including Osen, Girls Generation Sooyoung, Seohyun And Tiffany have left SM Entertainment.

Following reports of the group disbandment, SM revealed to the public that the three girls have decided not to resign with the agency, in an official statement to Osen they said,

“Girls’ Generation is a very important and meaningful group for SM and fans as well. The direction of the members who renewed contracts will be discussed later.”

Sooyoung and Seohyun will be focusing on acting in dramas, musicals and films, while as reported earlier, Tiffany will travel back to the US to study acting.

The remaining 5 members, Yuri, Taeyeon, Yoona, Hyoyeon and Sunny have resigned with SM Entertainment. Regarding what will happen to the group’s activity and whether they’d be disbanding SM Entertainment Said,

“Girls’ Generation is a very important and meaningful group for our SM and to our fans as well. The members have never thought about disbandment at all.
However, since there are some members whose contracts have been terminated, we will discuss the future direction of Girls’ Generation with members and decided carefully.
Thank you for your support. Thank you.”

The girls have released their 10th debut anniversary album back in August. Fans worry about what will happen to the group following the departure of 3 members from SM Entertainment.

What do you think will happen now?

How shocked are you by the news?

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All the best to all Girls Generation members.

My Reaction

I kinda saw that one coming…. Sad but true..

The way SNSD was treated when they released their 10th anniversary album and those Tiffany rumors sort of gave me an idea of what to come.

Truth be told, SM didn’t promote all members individually equally. The most promoted has to be Taeyeon and Yoona who bring the most money in…. the rest not as much.

It was expected that this was whats going to happen. I wish they’d announce that SNSD has disbanded or reformed into a 5 member girl group because that statement written above is far-fetched and we all know it.

If Tiffany left to study acting in the US, she won’t simply come back, if she resigned (as well as Sooyoung and Seohyun) with another agency it’d be even harder to schedule something that’d fit every member schedule.

Sooyoung is doing great in her dramas and is a good actress, most likely she’ll be busy transitioning into an actress completely. Seohyun is also going to be focusing on acting, in my opinion she’s not as good as Sooyoung or Yoona but she’ll try to position herself in that direction.

Taeyeon probably scored the biggest deal in my opinion, she and Yoona. I wonder how well will SM handle the rest 3 and if they’ll promote them well.

I wish all the members the best, and I hope that I’d be proven wrong and that SNSD will make a comeback soon.

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