Suzy Releases A New OST For “While You Were Asleep”

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Suzy’s newest OST has finally been released!

Lee Jong Suk was confirmed to be releasing his first OST ever for his SBS drama “While You Were Asleep” 2 days ago, Suzy has went ahead and released her 3rd drama OST.

On October 11, Suzy released the song “I Love You Boy,” which will be the theme song for her character Hong Joo as she falls in love with Jae Chan.

Viewers will hear more of this song during the rest of the drama. This isn’t the first time Suzy sang an OST for her dramas, she previously sang OST for “Dream High” and “Big.”

Check out the song below. (Please note that this isn’t the official MV release but a fan MV)

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