Tiger JK goes On A Drunken Twitter Rant, Calls Out SMTM For Being Scripted

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Tiger JK might have drank a little too much last night.

The prominent hiphop figure was a ‘little drunk’ last night and went on a mini twitter rant about the current state of hip hop, fame and SMTM 6 which he took part in earlier this year.

He started with, “Lil drunk like all you lil mafuckers.”

He then revealed to his fans that he and his wife Tasha lost an endorsement deal because they didn’t have enough Instagram followers.

He then went on to talk about the controversial Mnet survival show, Show me the money 6. He said,

“Show me the money was bad for hip hop. So I went in there to fuck it up. My only purpose was to fuck up the show.” 

He went on to add, Wack staged ass”, “Scripted”, “I ain’t listen tho”, “So public went after me saying I made the show wack. It wasn’t suspenseful enough. It’s all my fault.”

The rapper was talking about his controversial time in the show, when he received backlash for passing Digili even when he screwed up and obviously didn’t deserve it.

He ended up issuing a public apology back then for his behaviour. Most of the tweets have been deleted since then.

What do you think of what Tiger JK had to say? Do you believe SMTM is scripted?

My Thoughts

That drunken twitter rant ya’ll….

I do understand where he’s coming from, but I do disagree with the way he said it.

Many artists have said the show is scripted, you might hate it but it does introduce you to good rappers in South Korea that would be very hard to spot otherwise.

Being someone who watches SMTM I must admit I hate Mnet’s evil editing, but it comes with the territory, I am not saying its okay to evil edit but what Tiger JK did was wrong back then, it was plain wrong.

It was not evil editing, he just gave a pass to an old friend he knew even when he didn’t earn it while other more deserving rappers had to give up their spot to that. He trashed the show but also did something trashy himself…

The way I see it, the show fucked him up before he did. I watched the first half of the show, Tiger JK along with his teammate felt so out of place, so much has changed since they started doing hip hop. I am in shock… did he not know the show was scripted when he did it? if he did know, why did he go on? I mean he must have connections, there is no way no one told him that the show wasn’t scripted…

2000s is not the same as 2010s that’s for sure. You must respect the older generation but it doesn’t necessary mean that everyone will do that, its sad but it’s the truth, and as Tiger JK said… numbers don’t lie.

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