“Hospital Ship” Last Episode Ties In Ratings With “While You Were Asleep”

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MBC’s “Hospital Ship” has aired its final episode on November 2nd. The beloved medical drama charmed viewers with its 20 long episodes, the drama had a happy ending.

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episodes of MBC’s “Hospital Ship” rated 7.2% and 8.6% which is lower than its previous episode.

It tied with SBS’s “While You Were Asleep,” which rated 7.3% and 8.6%, its an increase from last week’s episode.

Meanwhile, KBS’s “Mad Dog” rated 5.6% which is the same as previous episode.

With MBC’s beloved medical drama out of the equation, do you think that “While You Were Asleep” will rate higher?

Next week, Yoo Seung Ho’s first ever romantic comedy “I am not a Robot” airs its first episode.

Source: Nielsen Korea

My Thoughts

Now that “Hospital Ship” Koreans should really really pay attention to “Mad Dog.” The drama is fucking amazing.

Suzy and Lee Jong Suk are doing a great job in “While You Were Asleep,” but if you ask me, someone who has been watching those two dramas simultaneously, at this point “Mad Dog” interests me a lot more.

“While You Were Asleep” is good and all, but its becoming a very moderate version of what I had thought I’d build to, I plan on reviewing the drama once the final episode finishes, I’ll talk about everything then.

Will Yoo Seung Ho’s first ever romantic comedy “I am not a Robot” take advantage of “Hospital Ship” buzz or not… something only time will tell, but I seriously hope “Mad Dog” scores higher next week.

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