Director Of “Boys Over Flowers” And “To The Beautiful You” Passes Away In A Car Accident

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Producing director Jeon Ki Sang has passed away at the age of 59.

On January 13, and according to a report published by TV Report, the PD was crossing the street around 1:20 a.m. KST when he was hit by a taxi. He was transferred to the hospital but was ultimately pronounced dead.

His family; which has been living abroad; is returning to Korea after hearing the unfortunate news.

Producing director Jeon Ki Sang was known for his work in “My Girl,” “Witch Yoo Hee,” “Boys Over Flowers,” and “To the Beautiful You.”

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My Thoughts

I can’t really say I feel sorry for him, but its sad he died without getting the punishment he deserved.

Long story short, he was one of the high executives who were provided sexual favors by late actress Jang Ja Yeon, she ended up committing suicide because of that.

He was one of 31 individuals, after his name was revealed to the public, his reputation was tarnished. He deserved more than this, for being one of the people who drove a young actress to suicide, he should’ve been punished properly.

The circumstances surrounding his death seem a bit too suspicious for me, maybe its because I have watched too many kdramas! I don’t want to speculate anything…. Its sad the entire truth didn’t come to light! Only God knows how many other women were hurt and exploited because of him, the thought of it alone disgust me!

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