SBS Apologize Regarding Paying Staff With Gift Certificates

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SBS has released an apology and an explanation regarding paying its staff with gift certificates.

SBS was under a lot of backlash following news of staff from the first season of “Same Bed Different Dreams” were paid with gift certificates.

SBS posted an apology to their official homepage, he said,

“We apologize once again for the payment of service fees with gift certificates to freelancers and contractors who did their best.

SBS is currently investigating all programs for gift certificates. Depending on the program genre, there are a variety of payment methods and cases, and there are many issues that are difficult to distinguish between service costs and incentives. However, SBS will first disclose what has been identified so far, and we will do our best to solve the problem by actively collecting proposals from related organizations and broadcasters.”

One media outlet reported that a freelancer film director for SBS’s “Same Bed Different Dreams 2” received approx. 8000$ in gift certificate as payment for working 6 months. Following that controversy, SBS released an official apology and revealed that they will work hard to prevent this issue from happening again.

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My Thoughts

I am trying so hard not to swear right now. How on hell did SBS not know people who were working their asses off were being paid in gift certificate? how cheap can you be to use the hard work of those starting off to get what you want. The corruption in South Korea entertainment industry is hella scary!

I hope the same thing that happened to MBC (with their strike and all) happens to SBS. Do you know how much money MBC lost because of their unlawful unethical treatment of staff? Well, they’re paying for it right now!

If SBS is that bad, I hope they go through a strike, only then they will learn that they must not toy around with other people’s labor and hard work.

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