Following the controversial DUI incident of the 2PM leader, he personally released an apology through 2PM official site.

He said,

“Hello, this is Min Joon (his real name).

I am so sorry to write to you in this matter

My own instant judgment was foolish. I know how big a drunk driving is, but I look back at myself who made such a mistake, and I’ll reflect deeply with regret.

For the fans and members who loved and believed in me, I sincerely apologize for disappointing them.”

Source: (A)

My Reaction

Oh well! I seriously believe his apology means nothing, I just wish he never repeats it, we, JYP and 2PM stans, are very embarrassed and disappointed right now!

Why must he endanger people’s lives? I just don’t understand what people think when they drink and believe they can drive, if you’re careless about yourself, at least watch out for others lives that might be taken due to your DUI!

I just wish that he never repeats it!