The Real Reason Why Go Hyun Jung Left The Popular Drama “Return” Finally Revealed

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Respected actress Go Hyun Jung was revealed to have left the popular SBS drama “Return” due to a fight with the drama PD. The actress announced that she’d be leaving the show, while SBS said confirmed that the actress won’t be continuing to film the drama.

The actress was basically fired due to her altercation with the PD of the drama. On February 8, it was announced that Go Hyun Jung left the drama.

It is very rare in the Korean industry for an actor or an actress to leave a drama like this. Rumors circulated around that the actress had assaulted the PD after getting into a fierce verbal altercation with him.

Following the controversy and the backlash, SBS released an official statement explaining that the actress and the PD had ‘significant conflict,’ so bad that they can no longer work out their difference. SBS also declared that they’d be seeking a new actress to replace her.

Following SBS’s statement that the actress would be leaving, a source from her agency, IOK Company released an official statement saying,

“Hello, this is IOK Company.

First of all, We would like to express our sincere apologies to the viewers who gave her a lot of encouragement, ‘return’ is receiving a lot of love.

Go Hyun Jung officially left the SBS drama ‘Return.’

In the meantime, Go Hyun-jung has worked on shooting with great affection for responsibility and work as an actor. However, there was a lot of differences between the production team and her during the production process, and we could not narrow the gap in our efforts to tune in as much as possible.

After many discussions and thoughts, we decided that it was hard to continue filming anymore. Also, rather than blaming anyone, we decided to accepts SBS notice to leave because it is only natural that the person who is said to be the problem leaves.

We apologize for being unable to fulfill the actress responsibilities as a leading actress, and we apologize to all the crew and fellow actors of ‘Return’.

We would like to ask for your continuous interest and affection for the drama ‘return.’

IOK and Go Hyun Jung send support and encouragement for ‘Return’ as viewers.

Thank you.”

The agency then clarified the rumors of a physical fight between the actress and the PD, they denied that she had assaulted him, however they revealed that she did have a verbal conflict with him over difference in opinion. The agency added,

“Its true that she did shove him but she didn’t grab him by the collar as many reports have stated.”

The agency also revealed that there might have been a misunderstanding in the delivery process of the news.

While SBS commented on their statement saying,

“Assault is interpreted from the perspective of the person who was assaulted, we compiled verbal accounts of staff members who were present at scene, its undeniable that shoving and kicking took place that day. She may not have felt that it was physical assault because it was a typical behavior to her.”

What do you think of this?

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MY Thoughts

What the actual hell is going on?

When I first heard about it, I wanted to cover it so badly. I wanted to curse her for being so insensitive and inconsiderate of all other actors whose name was also attached to the drama, but I waited until more explanation was provided by SBS and her.

I can’t believe what I just read! Her agency, her own agency says that she did shove him…. Then they say it was no assault! Even if she didn’t grab him by the collar, as far as I know shoving is not okay, its assault… am I missing something or did I understand it wrongly?

I am not with people who are blindly defending her and not with bashing her so lightly, because I know its not easy on the PD to treat someone so badly, bad enough that he causes them to leave, because the PD knows that this can affect the drama very badly.

With all honesty I don’t care what is going on with her life, no one should suffer at her hands just because she is in a bad mood or disagrees with the PD. The PD might be an asshole, but that doesn’t mean an actress should go around shoving him while everyone’s watching.

Aside from all that went on, her messy divorce and all of that and her good acting and the effect she brought to the drama, I was so shocked that she was this disrespectful of the other cast members. If you disagree just leave, no need to escalate the situation so badly that this happens to her, why would she do that?

Any person with sense knows that if you find it difficult to go on with a PD then exit like a fucking queen, not after shoving the PD. That will only negatively affect you, any rational human being who works as an actor in South Korea, know this… doing this…. Shoving and a heated verbal altercation (which btw including them swearing), doesn’t lead anywhere good.

I can’t say that its good or bad for the drama if she’s out. I don’t know what happened between her and the PD, I feel bad for what will happen to her career after that.

I am against the decision of them adding anyone else to the drama at this point. You just don’t know how will the audience accept it, and whether me, you or anyone likes it or not, she did have an effect on the drama because she is that good of an actress.

I prefer they upgrade actress Jung Eun Chae as the main lead, she’s such a good actress and can easily lead the drama and have a more significant role. The drama will have a difficult time convincing people to accept someone half way through.

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