MBC has released new stills of the upcoming drama “Love Game” starring Woo Do Hwan and they’re everything.

The upcoming drama “Love Game” is a seductive romance drama that tells the story of a man and a woman in their twenties who get involved in a serious love game, not knowing that they might be endangering their entire lives.

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Woo Do Hwan will play the character of Kwon Shi Hyun, a twenty-year-old homme fatale with killer eyes. He is one of the main players who bets his life to seduce Eun Tae Hee, played by Joy.

In the newly released stills Woo Do Hwan’s is looking charming, he showcases a wide spectrum of emotions through his gaze, his eyes charm women everywhere. The production staff mentioned that Woo Do Hwan had exceeded their expectations with his acting and spot-on expressions.

This is Woo Do Hwan’s first leading role. Red Velvet’s Joy joins him as the female lead. The upcoming drama will premiere on March 12.

My Thoughts

His good looks alone are enough to convince me to watch this drama, even though I am against Red Velvet’s Joy cast choice. I wished they cast someone a bit older and not an idol, a female actress who would give her all for a racy subject.

I am sure Woo Do Hwan will do amazing, he’s an actor and a very good one. I wished he was paired with someone of his talent level, its sad, but there is nothing we can do about it.

I am actually shocked they made it into a drama since such a story better fits a film, this is something I didn’t expect of MBC. I hope that they won’t water the script down to that of an average kdrama we see every day, they have great material to work with.