The kdrama world woke up this past week to two huge dating news. That of Park Shin Hye and Suzy.

The beloved actresses are some of the most popular faces of Korean dramas, they’re the representative faces of Hallyu wave and fans from all around the world were thrilled to find out they were dating.

Park Shin Hye was up first, it was confirmed that she was dating actor Choi Tae Joon, fans were happy for her, this is the first time the actress ever confirmed she was dating someone, they have been dating for a while and Dispatch even released photos of their date at Park Shin Hye parents’ restaurant.

Next up was Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend Suzy, who found love again in the 13-year older actor Lee Dong Wook. They’ve only begun dating recently and fans were split on this one.

I thought I would do an introduction before I rant, because I found it really annoying and disrespectful to Lee Min Ho, it was even worse when Suzy dating news came out.

Lee Min Ho used to date Suzy and they date for a while approx. 2 years, when they broke up some were glad and some were sad, I never really understood why anyone would be glad that Lee Min Ho broke up with someone he liked so much, it doesn’t make much sense.

Lee Min Ho did a drama back in 2013 with Park Shin Hye titled “The Heirs,” it was a huge hit and people shipped them together, I also did, but not too long after, news of Lee Min Ho dating Suzy surfaced and fans went wild.

Why would kdrama fan be consoling Lee Min Ho after Park Shin Hye dating news? It really doesn’t make much sense to me.

For the most part, us kdrama fans are a little less crazy than kpop fans, but here, I just don’t know what to make up of this!

Imagine how annoyed he’d be reading all those comments by fans who shipped him with Park Shin Hye consoling him for her dating news when he absolutely has nothing to do with it.

They only starred in one drama together and that’s it. Why are you still hung up on a kdrama that aired back in 2013?

I’ve always had mixed feelings when it came to shipping on-screen couples together. I’d love to see them date in real life but I wouldn’t go so far to bash them if they dated someone else none of us had ever thought they would.

Its none of our business and actors or actresses are not our toys to play around with and set as a match for another one. I don’t understand why some fans felt the need to send encouragement messages to Lee Min Ho after someone he worked with 5 years ago was dating? Am I missing something? Does it make sense?

And then there are the Suzy basher, so I call them. Those who bashed her for dating someone else beside Lee Min Ho, because God forbids that she finds love ever again after breaking up with Lee Min Ho.

Those same people who were happy they broke up are the same ones who bashed her after she found love again, as if we were with them 24/7 and we know whose fault it was and why they broke up.

Sometimes I feel like kdrama fans take it a bit too far. Leave her alone, we don’t  know why she broke up with Lee Min Ho and its none of our business, leave the woman alone.

Stop dragging Lee Min Ho’s name and linking it to Park Shin Hye dating news because you felt sorry for him after she found love, he only worked with her for 5 months for crying out loud.

And stop reminding the poor guy that his ex-girlfriend found love with another man as well, its like rubbing salt into a wound. Leave him alone…

That’s only what I think of what has been going on for the past couple of days, I could be wrong but its my opinion.

What do you guys think of this? Do you agree or do you disagree with me?

Lets discuss in the comment section below!