Will Lee Jong Suk Renew His Contract With YG Entertainment? Will He Be Leaving The Agency?

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Popular actor Lee Jong Suk signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment on May 2016. His two years exclusive contract is expiring soon.

An insider revealed that the actor has been receiving love calls from many other agencies. The actor is still unsure of whether he’ll stay or leave the agency, the insider revealed.

In response to that report, YG Entertainment released a statement that says the actor has not made a decision yet.

The beloved actor has only been recently confirmed to lead the upcoming short two-parts-drama “Hymn of Death.”

Do you think Lee Jong Suk will stay or leave?

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My Thoughts

Unlike idols, I don’t believe that Lee Jong Suk will be hurt if he left or stayed.

There has been a time when Lee Jong Suk voiced his frustration with YG for their lack of management skills in fan meetings due to a promise he made to fans.

The issue has been resolved, but I can’t help but think of this incident when I saw the news.

He will continue to do well whether he finds another new home or stays at YG. YG treats him well, so it seems! Only time will tell!

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