“The Undateables” Is One Of The Most Disappointing Kdramas Of 2018

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As time goes by, I begin to understand viewership ratings numbers we see each week, us International fans are more dedicated and patient with the dramas we watch, we focus on supporting the lead actors and actresses, we can’t break their hearts by saying that their dramas suck!

I began to believe in Korean audience drama ratings about 70% of the time, when there is a time slot and you have to pick one drama to watch, you’ll probably choose the drama with the most interesting script, sadly this does not apply to “The Undateables.”

The drama has made headlines for it’s star-studded cast, it features Namgoong Min and Hwang Jung Eum, they’re reuniting once again in what was one of the most anticipated dramas of 2018.

It is sad because we have two powerhouse names together in one drama, instead of utilizing them to their best potential; they’re making another cliché stereotypical Kdrama that we have seen a thousand times already.

My problem with “The Undateables” is that it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, there’s nothing slightly innovative or different about it. Even When I take into consideration the unique ‘undateables touch’ the writer incorporated to the drama. He put his own spin on the overly consumed idea of rich handsome man and poor cute hardworking woman, but sadly it wasn’t enough!

The lead female is bright, optimistic hard-working and very polite. She ends up in a love triangle with two equally handsome capable men.

The first male lead is obnoxious, cocky and mean. He thinks he’s the best and he probably works as the CEO of some company.

She gets involved with him in a series of unfortunate events, he’s bothered with her mere presence.

Probably something that has to do with work forces them to interact more often and thus the relationship blossoms.

The second male lead is someone who is nice, probably has a very good job, is handsome and single.

He’s probably been friends with the female lead for a very long time and she friend-zoned him, they’re very close.

When he finds out that he has a competition, he realizes his feelings and the love triangle forms. He tries his best and is probably the best option she has, but her hearts wavers towards the cocky hot CEO.

This is “The Undateables” synopsis; it’s a sad because it’s very stereotypical. How many kdramas share the scenario you just read above?

This is also similar to Hwang Jung Eum’s 2016 drama “Lucky Romance.” Which I hated btw!

She is someone who is hella talented, she can act well but sadly settles in for stereotypical dull scripts.

She is called a rom-com Queen. I can understand that because she has many funny entertaining light-hearted dramas, but I don’t understand whats going on with her these days.

I have noticed that for the past couple of years that she has been signing up for scripts that are below her acting abilities. I don’t know whether she’s settling in for rom-coms because they are friendly and make her more money, or because she truly believes that they can further Advance her career.

I like that she was paired with Namgoong Min, they make such a nice couple and they have a good chemistry on and off the screen, their chemistry kept me going for the four episodes I have seen so far.

But it’s her constant annoying laughing and high-pitched voice that makes me wonder ‘why I’m tuning in for the drama?’

The problem is that sometimes in order for her to make a certain scene appear funny, she uses a high pitch voice and exaggerates, she scream and does some very weird movements with her face and whole body to make it appear more funny, but to me she looks like she’s been electrified.

This might make things funny for the first, second or third drama that you watched of her, but if you are at the fourth or fifth, it becomes a little bit annoying.

I’m not trying to shit on her parade at all, but it’s that I am really really disappointed.

Disappointed that Choi Tae Joon is still taking on second lead roles despite the fact that he is very talented, disappointed because Hwang Jung Eum keeps making those sounds and those movements with her hands and face even though she should be trying to do something that’s a bit different, disappointed because Namgoong Min took on such a stereotypical monotonous role.

This is why this article is titled the way it is, its because I am really disappointed.

With such a good cast you could have made the best drama out there, you could have taken advantage of their good acting capabilities, yet you play it safe with an average script that should be given to people or actors trying to jump start their careers not to seasoned older actors who have been around for a while.

I am so over the male lead character being a dick to the female lead character, just because he’s very smart, capable and handsome. Its not nice to see a woman getting humiliated by the male lead at every possible chance because she’s ‘lacking.’

The link between them in the past and present was also used way too many times before. The fact that he refuses to date is also very likely implausible, where are those hot CEO men who refuse to date? I want one of them!

There might be a reason for it, I bet it has to do with him getting awfully rejected in the past, or something that has to do with daddy/mommy issues.

And when he made her sign that infamous ‘blank/slave contract’ I wiped my eyes and repeated the scene just to make sure I saw that right!

When I read it again, I wanted to punch the screen so badly! He’s going to use that contract to enslave her and make her do all sort of the things, then he changes the way he treats her because he’s falling for her which will probably confuse her at first!

This drama first four episodes is like a guideline to things all kdrama writers usually use in rom-coms, a guideline that should be shown to new aspiring writers as in ‘what-not-to-write’ guideline.

The first episode started with 5.3% and the 8th episode rated 4.1%, with a low 3.7% for its 5th episode. The first episode ratings were the highest!

I understand these numbers, it makes sense because they’re up against other more interesting dramas. “Suits and “Come And Hug Me,” it’s make sense that this drama will come in the last place.

I have watched “Suits” and “Come And Hug Me.” If I were to compare their plots to “The Undateables,” its obviously the weakest one. It is very dull.

I have watched 4 episodes (1 hour long) but have no regrets, I have seen Namgoong Min’s face, he looks dashing in the suits he wears but this is where I’m going to stop.

There’s no point in continuing to watch this drama because I know that nothing major or slightly entertaining will happen, its just like every other rom-com kdrama I have seen before. Between my day job, the blog as well as my social life, I have to be picky with kdramas I watch and recap or review.

And I feel like more and more viewers both Korean and International will turn their backs on the drama. Not saying that it’s particularly bad but it’s just that some people would rather not waste their time.

There will be a dedicated kdrama club for this drama. I guess if you have time on your hands and you’re a huge fan of any of the lead actors you’ll stick around. Not that you’re wrong with your choice but its your taste, if you decide to continue watching the drama, then I hope you enjoy it~

This is my review of the four episodes I watched, I know this might not be enough to tell whether the drama is worth the ride or not, but I don’t think that I’ll be missing too much if I didn’t tune in.

What do you guys think? Do you like it? Do you hate it? What do you think of the plot?

Let’s discuss in the comments section below.


  1. Thana June 14, 2018 5:09 am at 5:09 am - Reply

    Every year there’s a feel good typical storyline KDrama and this one is a good example. Your article reflects your opinion and there will be those who feel same as you do. However, there are those who recognize that this kind of drama is a staple and always will be. At least, this one is decently written no matter how cliche things are for the seasoned viewer. The actors have done a decent job so far as well. This will likely be a first drama for someone and hopefully they don’t come across anything similar to your article first.
    If a lot of long time viewers had read something like this before they watched their first drama, that would’ve probably been IT as far as venturing into that world.

    It’s a typical Rom Com, predicable and some people have their own opinions about the actors. For those of us who think that despite all that it’s a fun watch so far and look forward to more, it’s been well written and acted, actually a more interesting watch than some airing currently. We’ll continue enjoying it and encourage the actors on their social media.

    If this one’s not doing it for you and crave something different, by all means go for it. Just don’t forget all the hard work and effort by everyone involved even if you personally don’t like it. It’s called Shitting on their efforts if I may borrow one of your eloquent words.

    • Jazmine K June 15, 2018 2:01 pm at 2:01 pm - Reply

      you’re repeating what i said through your comment in more ‘eloquent’ words. Everyone has the right to express their opinion whether its in favor or not. I am not shitting on their efforts, I adore all of the actors. all of us have the right to say how they feel about a production or a song, and it pains me that these efforts could’ve been used for a better production. I also understand that a lot of kdrama fans will still watch and like this, i am not trying to discourage anyone from watching the drama but merely expressing my opinion. This is why i created jazminemedia.com and its because of people like you who say i can’t express my opinion about a song or a drama. I will continue to freely express my opinion on whatever I watch. I pity the society we’ve become that its a no-no to express that we dislike something because we might be ‘shitting’ on someone’s work. Its a product and just like you have the right to say you like it, I have the right to say I don’t

  2. Eva June 16, 2018 10:22 pm at 10:22 pm - Reply

    Yes I totally agree with you ! They could have done so much more with the whole “undateables” concept , but even the title theme has taken a backseat for the sake of a cliche romance.I guess I more disappointed because I had high expectations.

    • Jazmine K June 17, 2018 1:32 am at 1:32 am - Reply

      true, sadly, this is why I am so disappointed! its because i had higher expectations!

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