Is CL Leaving YG Entertainment? CL’s Recent Comment Raises Questions

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Rumors have it that CL is leaving YG Entertainment, some fans believe so after CL left this reply to a concerned fan comment.

CL has posted a new photo on instagram on July 11, a fan left a sweet comment to her post,

“Please don’t leave YG Entertainment. I love you Queen @chaelincl. Blackjack and YG stans will always support you. Please stay healthy.”

The fan was lucky enough to get a reply from CL herself, however, the reply had many fans raising their eye brows, she replied,

“There are a lot more amazing people representing YG now!!! As you can see. I love you guys to the moon and back forever!!! Thank you guys always for your support!!!”

The comment took fans by surprise, it seems like CL is ‘hinting’ at something, ‘more amazing people representing YG’ might be referring to iKON, Winner and BLACKPINK. The three groups are doing very well and dominating charts.

This adds to something that CL also did the other day. She liked a comment on one of her instagram post, the comment reads,

“Baby why were you at yg? I hope you leave for good…..yg is just holding you back and gzbs are tired of waiting. Please don’t let him use you again.”

Fans back then speculated the reason why CL liked this comment since it’s basically a diss towards her management.

CL debuted with 2NE1 back in 2009, the group was considered one of the biggest Kpop acts of the second generation. They used to dominate the charts and did extremely well.

Fast forward to late 2016, YG Entertainment announced that 2NE1 was officially over, only CL and Dara re-signed exclusive contracts with the agencies, Park Bom left.

No details of their contract periods were officially released to the public so fans are quiet sure about how long the contract was.

However, a fan saw CL two days ago at YG building. So it might mean that CL was just fooling around with her fans.

What do you think of this?

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