ARMY Furious After YouTube Announces The ‘Real’ Number Of Views Of “IDOL” Had In The First 24 Hours

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On August 24, BTS dropped their newest MV “IDOL” their title track of their repackage album “Love Yourself: Answer” and as expected the fandom base army were prepared to top “Fake Love” record, they aimed for the 50 million views in the first 24 hours.

On August 25 “IDOL” had reached the 56.2 million views, the counter froze at that number 24 hours after the release of the music video. Fans were over the moon having beaten Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” record and the previous record of 35.9 million views for “Fake Love.”

However, since last time “Fake Love” had around 39 million views in the first 24 hours but the number of views was later corrected by YouTube official sources, fans waited for the confirmation of YouTube this time to see what the real number will turn out to be.

A couple of hours ago, Billboard reported that they have spoken with a YouTube spokesperson and they confirmed that “IDOL” had indeed broken the record for the most viewed music video in the first 24 hours.

“IDOL” has the best debut for a music video in the first 24 hours on the entire YouTube platform which is a huge honor.

However, the article goes on to reveal the margin in which the record was broken and fans were less than thrilled when they found out that the MV has only recorded 45 million views in the first 24 hours.

“IDOL” views were frozen for a period of time hours on end each day since its release. Army trended many hashtags demanding an official explanation from YouTube themselves.

More than 10 million views were deleted from the music video which makes no sense to some army who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the number they had reached.

Here are some of fans comments,

“Give the real numbers and stop speculation, it was 56M to be exact and who is this so called Spokesperson? We are just to believe this huh? Same thing happened last cb.”

“More like fastest to hit 70M 4 times on the same freakin video”

“But this is not fair why they are lying we reached 56.3 m in 24hrs

“And at his point I think everyone has screenshots of those view counter receipts. We know the exact number we amassed. Keep posting.”

“shut this drama already and give us our views back already 56.2 Million views we had in first 24 hours How can you rob us?? This is frustrating.”

“It’s 56M+ tho give us the real numbers!!! We didn’t trend the MV in every country and have 5M+ likes for nothing……”

What do you think of this? Do you believe the 45 million were justified?

My Reaction

Okay… I get the frustration; I understand why army are so annoyed right now. I saw more negative comments on the low number of views rather than positive, which is why I wrote this article.

The thing is, we can never know for sure what is what and how accurate our conception is of the views as well as YouTube would be. I honestly can’t find a reason why YouTube would lie to all of us, its not like they have something to lose, I think it would even bigger of a deal if YouTube as a platform could say they garnered more than 50 million views for a music video in the first 24 hours. That’s a huge deal for everyone involved.

I think army should be celebrating right now, although you didn’t the number you were aiming for, BTS now holds the record for something massive. Thank you for your hard work and congrats~

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