BIGBANG Fans Outraged After T.O.P’s Face Vanished Out From Group’s Recent Exhibition

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In news of ‘what Yang Hyun Suk did today that upset fans’ I have this shocking and annoying thing to share.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest Kpop groups of all time, BIGBANG has seemingly become 4 members to everyone’s shock.

The group recently opened an art exhibition in Shanghai, China. Fans were excited to see the group throughout their long careers in the industry.

Fans came across BIGBANG’s “Fxxt it” poster in the exhibition and noticed something was missing; T.O.P’s face was edited out of the poster for the popular song.

After taking a closer look at other photos in the exhibition, fans noticed that T.O.P’s face was almost nonexistence; if someone who didn’t know who BIGBANG was walked to the exhibition he’d probably believe they were a four-member group.

International VIPs saw the photos and as expected were outraged by the disrespect shown to the eldest member of BIGBANG. They couldn’t believe that an exhibition highlighting the group’s career throughout the years was put together without T.O.P.

As expected fans started blaming Yang Hyun Suk for this disaster of an exhibition. Fans are extremely disappointed that Yang Hyun Suk allowed this exhibition to go on without T.O.P.

Others speculated that the reason T.O.P’s face was cropped out is that of marijuana case that he was found guilty of. China is also strict when it comes to drugs and it’s a sensitive topic.

Regardless, fans are not convinced with the possible reason for not including T.O.P in the exhibition, some saying that he is currently serving for what he did and that he shouldn’t be treated as if he wasn’t a part of the group.

Here are more photos:

What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

The disrespect! O.M.G! I am so angry right now!

As an admirer of the group this is so disrespectful to BIGBANG, T.O.P and YG Entertainment, how could have Yang Hyun Suk okayed this? I still can’t believe it!

Its not like he doesn’t have the luxury to put his foot down and say ‘no T.O.P, no exhibition’ this has to do with his pride and his company’s pride. When you bow down to money and other’s shity talk like that you lose my respect and a lot of other people’s respect as well.

I have seen many VIPs saying they won’t support him anymore or spend more money because of the way he treats his artists. I say, if this guy treated CL, a gem in his company, like trash ignoring her messages what do you expect him to do with someone who was actually caught doing marijuana? It won’t be any better.

Never have been a YG fan and will probably never be. He is now in a legal battle over his mistake with Mixnine, instead of settling and admitting his mistakes, he is going through a legal battle that will cost him so much when it was his fault.

How about he uses that money for something that’s actually good?

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  1. Danielle August 12, 2018 11:39 pm at 11:39 pm - Reply

    GD was also caught using weed so why is his face still there?

    We all know that YG doesn’t care about these people unless it runs the risk of upsetting his bank balance. He’ll give GD a pass because he doesn’t have anyone to replace him. He knows GD and by proxy Big Bang could go anytime that they damn well please so he keeps their leader and his cash cow sweet

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