Pentagon’s E’Dawn Will Not Be Participating In His Group Upcoming Japanese Promotions

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Just when you thought that the heat would die down, Cube Entertainment and Korean fans continue to restrict E’Dawn’s participation in his group’s activities.

E’Dawn and HyunA both confirmed they had been dating each for two years back on August 3rd and it has been a downhill ride ever since. On August 4 Cube Entertainment announced that Triple H would end their promotions for their second release, the trio was busy promoting their newest release “REtro Futurism.”

Later, and after pressure from fans, E’Dawn ended up not participating in Pentagon’s upcoming fan meeting scheduled for August 11, his fellow member YanAn also won’t be participating. Cube Entertainment confirmed that E’Dawn won’t participate because of internal affairs and YanAn won’t participate because of scheduling conflicts.

Today, August 8 Cube Entertainment announced that E’Dawn would also not be attending Pentagon’s upcoming Japanese schedules.

In a statement to the official Japanese fan cafe they explained,

“This is a notice regarding Pentagon’s E’Dawn. Due to internal matters, he will not be participating in any of Pentagon’s upcoming Japanese activities, starting with the scheduled fan meeting on August 18.

We express our sincere apologies and ask for your understanding.”

What do you think of this issue?

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My Thoughts

This is too much, too much if you ask me!

But this is damage control phase and I actually back up Cube Entertainment, they screwed up by not controlling their artists and this where we’re at, so they better do a good job at controlling the backlash.

Right now, its best to shield him from everything that’s going on right now. If they resist and insist he participates in activities it will lead to outrage, so this is the right choice here.

I used to be critical of agencies restricting idols dating for 3 years after debut but now I understand that its partially to protect the idol. The agencies can’t change every fan heart and way of thinking so they can only protect them from backlash.

Triple H was such a bad idea, I don’t know what they were thinking of when they were like lets create Triple H and add poor Hui so it won’t seem like they’re dating. What were they thinking?

Its like Cube was asking for trouble. this is coming from someone who knows how things go in Korean entertainment sphere. I love Triple H but it was a risky move that they’re paying a hefty price for right now!

I just hope that this will be the last we hear of this mess!

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