One of the biggest Kpop groups of our days is currently busy preparing for their comeback, which could be their last comeback as 8 or 9 if Lay joined for a long time.

Due to the new Korean military laws, all Korean men will have to enlist by age 28. The new military law will take effect as of this month starting from August 1st.

The law previously prevented Korean men from delaying enlistment beyond 30 years; it has now been pushed to 28.

This means that Korean males who are 28 years old will no longer be able to delay enlistment whether it was for graduate school, overlap in enlistment period with a sibling, study for public certification and such.

Previously, travel limitations on Korean males were put into effect, it became so that males in the age range of 25-27 will be permitted up to five international travels with a maximum travel period of 6 months.

This means that the below-listed idols born in 1989 and 1990 will be enlisting before 2018 ends. EXO’s Xiumin comes to mind when this law is mentioned.

EXO’s Xiumin was born on March 26, 1990 which means that he will need to enlist in the military before 2018 ends.

SM Entertainment revealed that EXO is one of the groups that are currently preparing for a comeback; their comeback is set to happen before the year ends.

So many fans are both excited and sad by the upcoming comeback which could be their last as 8 or 9 (if Lay joined) before a long time.

The rest of the expected enlistment timeline will make you sad.

Suho was born on May 22, 1991 and according to the new law he would probably have to enlist by 2019.

1992 liners Chanyeol, Chen and Baekhyun will probably follow after them. They are expected to enlist by 2020.

D.O was born in 1993 which means that he will likely enlist in 2021.

The youngest members Kai and Sehun (both born in 1994) will likely enlist by 2022.

If the members enlisted as the expected timeline shared, they would reunite as a full group by 2024 which is 6 years from now.

Of course, this is only an expected timetable. Some of the members might decide to enlist earlier to reduce the hiatus period of EXO as a group. If we were lucky enough and the members decided to enlist before 2020, they would reunite by 2022, which is 2 years less.

There is also the new travel limitation that EXO members will probably be affected by. Since EXO is such a popular group, having limitation on their travel could hinder their promotional activities, as solos and as a group.

This could also mean that the members might enlist earlier, with Suho and Xiumin going in first and the rest following them shortly after.

How do you feel about this possible enlistment timetable of EXO?