Dongho’s Wife Opens Up About The Divorce And Malicious Comments About Her Son That Hurt Her

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Dongho’s wife opened up about her divorce from former U-Kiss member Dongho for the first time through her Instagram account.

On September 21, Dongho’s wife uploaded a photo of her son and expressed affection to him and shared her thoughts about divorce,

“Your existence itself is a blessing to me. No matter how hard it is, I swear that I have never ever regretted or have been embarrassed to have given birth to you.

I am sorry that people who don’t know anything talk like this about you and say they pity you. I am sorry to have let the precious you be gossiped about. No matter what happens, I will make you the happiest in the world.

If anyone touches my child, I will not stand for it. My everything, I love you.”

In another Instagram story she talked about the malicious comments she’s seen after news spread about her divorce, she said,

“What is about my son’s that is pitiful? My son, I will make you the happiest in the world, what do they know that they call my son pitiful. I can hold back on everything else but with these thoughtless things they do to my baby son, I hope it gets back to them.”

On September 20, Dongho confirmed reports that the two are getting a divorce, read his full statement here.

Dongho married his non-celebrity girlfriend back in 2015 and they welcomed their son in June 2015.

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My Thoughts.

I understand how she must be feeling right now as a mother. All mothers want their children to be happy; no mother wants people to pity their child.

I dont really know if she meant malicious as in bad rumours or malicious as in people saying they feel sorry for the son…. am I reading things wrong?

Many Koreans and international fans expressed their sadness, wished the couple the best and said they felt bad for the son.

Why is it wrong that we felt bad for the son ? Its obvious we would, it’s a form of sympathy and compassion, I don’t think people meant harm saying that.

Any human would feel sorry for the son because divorce is not easy deal, not in any culture no matter how advanced.

It’s a big deal and a serious decision, you, your ex-husband and your son will have to go through it and suffer it’s consequences for the rest of your life, it’s sad but it’s the reality and especially for Asian women in Asian cultures.

This is why people use protection during sex and this is why people don’t get married at a young age because they want to avoid making wrong decisions they can’t take back.

Also, if you don’t want people to continue talking about you then don’t give them a reason to. This issue will eventually die down and the public will move on, the first instagram post is just fine; it’s also a nice message her son can read when he grows up.

But that instagram story wasn’t a good idea in my humble opinion.

I understand her pain, every mother loves her child to death and wouldn’t stand for bullies, but the majority of comments are only showing their concern and compassion towards what you and your son will go through.

I don’t know I could be wrong I am not claiming I am right. I just hope that she doesn’t post more to social media for her own sake, the more she discusses it and publishes things on the internet the worse it’ll get for her and her son.

Besides, NOTHING ever goes away once it hits the internet, this is why I don’t use a personal instagram/snapchat/Facebook, I’d rather my personal life remain personal.

The best way to handle this maturely is to be as discreet as possible (take it from someone who has been through this), let your ex-husband handle delivering brief updates to fans.

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