Goo Hara Arrives To The Police Station Crying Covered In Bruises, Fans Furious 

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Fans are both shocked and appalled after seeing Goo Hara for the first time since the assault incident that happened at her house back on September 13.

On Septembers 18 around 3 p.m. KST, the idol arrived at the Gangnam Police Station to go through the investigation regarding her assault case with her boyfriend.

Cameras waited for the idol outside to catch a glimpse of her, fans were horrified when they saw that her hands covered in bruises and scratches, her face also had ones but she had hid them with bandages.

She stood before the cameras but was crying at one point, she was asked about who hit who first, she said,

“I don’t think its about who hit who first. This will be revealed after the police investigation.”

When asked what she thought when her boyfriend said he didn’t hit her she also said that this will be revealed after the police investigation.

The press noticed her visible injuries and asked about how serious they were, she said,

“Its all written in the medical reports that I have submitted to police.”

Her boyfriend had gone to police earlier on September 17. He had sat down for an interview on September 15 and claimed that he didn’t hit her and that it was one-sided.

He said,

“I wanted to break up first because our personalities differed. Her claims that it was two-sided are not true.”

After seeing the condition Goo Hara arrived with to the police station fans both Korean and international lashed out at him for lying so boldly to the media and claiming it was one-sided.

What do you think of this?

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My Reaction

It looks like it was one hell of a fight, she has scratches and bruises on her body, its sad!

No woman should go through this.

A million things could have happened and one of them is clearly manipulating the media. They both say things that HIGHLY contradicts what the other is saying and it feels icky.

I don’t know who to believe, it does seem like it’s a two-sided assault because both of them are bruised. I don’t believe a real man would want to drag a woman like that, that’s something a real man would never do.

If he wanted to break up, he could have just sent a text if she’s been aggressive before, why go there to her house? and then afterward report to police and then drag her in interviews saying she is lying and such?

I can’t help but find him suspicious because of the way he’s been handling this entire ordeal. It seems like he’s fame hungry, arriving at the police investigation almost showing all of his face (I know Koreans like to protect their identity).

If he wanted to wrap this quietly he could’ve done so without sitting down for interviews and such. have some respect for your ex.

Also, I find Hara strange in the way she’s handling the situation…. or maybe not! why is she releasing photos of her injured self to Dispatch? If I have been beaten I wouldn’t want photos of my bruised body plastered all over social media… I would certainly give it to the police but why spread it on social media?

She can prove her point to the police, I get that she probably wants to handle this head on but the way she stood before the cameras on her way, also that she’s releasing so many statements since the ordeal doesn’t seem like something someone who was hurt and assaulted would do…. not like that… not immediately…

I don’t know I could be wrong but I know that Koreans value their personal space and life, why are they all over the place everywhere when they could solve this quietly and save face? I can never understand why anyone would do that if there weren’t trying to catch attention…. I could be wrong but it all is such a big mess. I hope this gets resolved soon!

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