Goo Hara Is Being Investigated By Police For Allegedly Assaulting Her Boyfriend

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Goo Hara is in more controversy.

A couple of days ago malicious rumors spread about claiming that she had tried to take her life but her agency released a statement refuting the malicious rumors explaining she is just sick.

Her agency revealed she has been hospitalized for sleep disorder and indigestion as well.

Today, what appeared to be another malicious rumor but it turns out to be right.

It was rumored that she has assaulted her alleged boyfriend at about 12:30 a.m. KST on September 13. Her boyfriend (27 years old, hereafter referred to as ‘A’) is a hair designer, he wanted to break up with her but that didn’t settle well with her, she ended up responding violently.

‘A’ claims it was one-sided and that she had attacked him while she claims that it was a two-sided violence to police, a source from the police itself commented,

“The report has been received; we will schedule an investigation for each of them soon.”

Her agency Content Y has also released a statement in response, they revealed that she hasn’t had any scheduled events recently and thus they had no contact with her, they added,

“Goo Hara’s manager and others are trying to get in contact with her; we will release an official statement after checking with her.”

It has been hours since the report came out and still the agency has not released a statement and appears to have not yet been able to contact Goo Hara.

What do you think of this?

Source: (A)

My Thoughts

I just hope that there won’t be double standards here… Someone who is assaulted should be treated fairly whether it was a boy or a girl.

Fans now found out that Hara was dating someone in the worst way possible; the police says they received a report and showed up at the scene.

You’d think someone as popular and cool as Hara would coolly accept it but you’d be wrong, I can’t yet outwardly express my opinion because I must wait for the agency’s statement and the police statement.

But she is not denying she hurt him but says it was mutual, it could self-defense as well, we must wait for the police report.

This could potentially hurt her career, men and women involved in such scandals in the entertainment industry usually don’t recover from it. Who’d want to stan/hire/watch someone who beats up their boyfriend when he tells her he wants to break up?

For now, we wait and see! But judging by the silence of the agency so far, things aren’t looking good!

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